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  1. when i use the chrome console to review the source code, i found that "modules" folder showing on the source page. Please see attachment. its old site with ps1.6XXX. In addition, my other question is, where can i find the tpl file to edit the died picture url. thanks
  2. just installed module on my 1.5.6 custom theme. the loading part doing great, but there is page selection at the bottom of page.. should i have to remove it manually or there may be configuration error?
  3. first of all, im using SMTP. its was working before that, but i do not when it stated.. i can receive test email, contact message, forgot password, these emails. as well as customer registration email. the problem is this... customers can't receive emails from order status. For example, set order status into refund, payment accepted, cancelled. they would never receive these email.. i didnt touch any smtp configure before i found this issue. Again, 100% sure it was working in the April. ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND.
  4. same thing i was looking for, tried to display regular price beside discounted price, but there is discounted price showed only. This function was working when PS 1.2 and 1.3 as well 1.4 i guess. in the pass, i did impact on price and set reduction amount on combinations then it would show crossed regular price and discounted price beside it. Now im using 1.5, it does not come up.
  5. do you mean set into "both"? or test on html format only? thanks
  6. customer sent me a message, but when i reply it via back office, they will receive message format as below: Dear Customer,<br / >TEXT HERE<br /> Regard, <br / >Customer service how to solve this issue?
  7. i have purchased your upgrade service, just contact me at my email which used for placing order.
  8. part of domain like www.mydomain.com then i should use [email protected]?? i tried sending with my domain email address. but SMTP worked for me.
  9. checked log showing that message already sent. but didnt get any test email.
  10. im looking for a module that allow customer to select a date from calendar on product page. I saw this kind of module few days ago, but i forgot to save the page. Anyone here know where i can purchase ?? Not a datepicker for delivery.
  11. people all know we regularly define product price on : product->prices tab. but in my case, i would need to override product price in some combinations, for example, i have a item which defined regular price $50 on its price tab, selection of 'L' which cost $45 only, in this case i have to override its regular price meaning that display $45 on product page instead of regular price($50). Some people may say you can use 'impact on price' with reduction option to sub $5 from the regular price of $50, but im sorry, i would like to display overrode price on product page, if i did that, my product page will continue display $50 not $45 which i overrode. i remember this was working when use ps 1.3 version a couple years ago, but now it doesn't work like what i want to.
  12. problem solved, i increased my memory limit from 32M to 64M, how its working.
  13. same problem there, but i check the stripejs folder, i found a error_log file: [02-Oct-2013 16:18:53 US/Eastern] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 786432 bytes) in /home/zoe/public_html/tools/tcpdf/fonts/dejavusans.php on line 14 By the way, the module you uploaded, i had compared both your files and my current files, they all same sizes.
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