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  1. Hi all, I am trying to make my Prestashop to be able to display all related products when a visitor performs a search on the Quick Search. Example: If user search for iPod, then all the iPods will be displayed in a single page. Currently I have Ajax search and it shows the categories in list but doesn't show all the products in a single page. Thanks!
  2. Ok, this is going to be long. The module comes with 2 parts. Aitsys and Checkout Fields Manager. Aitsys must be installed first, and when I did, it gave me the following message: Customized templates Our installer creates several templates files during installation based on existing Prestashop files with the help of our patcher. The newly created templates are automatically placed in folder - cache/ait_patch/ themes/default/shopping-cart.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--shopping-cart.tpl themes/default/address.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--address.tpl themes/default/order-address.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--order-address.tpl themes/default/order-address-multishipping.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--order-address-multishipping.tpl themes/default/order-carrier.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--order-carrier.tpl themes/default/order-payment.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--order-payment.tpl themes/default/order-opc-new-account.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--order-opc-new-account.tpl themes/default/authentication.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--authentication.tpl themes/default/addresses.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--addresses.tpl themes/default/mobile/order-opc-address.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--mobile--order-opc-address.tpl themes/default/mobile/order-opc-carrier.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--mobile--order-opc-carrier.tpl themes/default/mobile/order-opc-payment.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--mobile--order-opc-payment.tpl themes/default/mobile/order-detail.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--mobile--order-detail.tpl themes/default/template/helpers/list/list_header.tpl /themes/ohara/aitcommonfiles/themes--default--template--helpers--list--list_header.tpl And then when I tried to install Checkout Fields Manager, it gave me the following error message. The following module(s) were not installed properly: - aitcheckoutfields : Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/shopping-cart.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/address.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/order-address.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/order-address-multishipping.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/order-opc-new-account.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/authentication.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/addresses.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/themes/default/mobile/order-opc-address.tpl Prestashop file is corrupted or changed: /home/oharaflo/public_html/panel/themes/default/template/helpers/list/list_header.tpl You can try to fix the above mentioned error yourself. But this will involve opening Prestashop and Module files via FTP and editing code in them. Or if you don't feel confident you can post a support ticket. Note, that if you are having problems with more than one Module and you would like to post a support ticket, please post all the Modules in one ticket. The following Module(s) encountered the error: Module aitcheckoutfields. Read the Guide or Post a support ticket. Anyway, I've checked and under /modules/aitcheckoutfields/override/templates/ there were folders for various 1.5.X version with the tpl. I have tried to rename one of the folders to 1.5.6 and it didn't work. I'm guessing that when install, the module will generate sort of coded tpl to work with the existing Prestashop and it didn't support the version 1.5.6, so it couldn't be installed. I'm pretty new in Prestashop and I hope what I'm explaining here will help.
  3. @bellini13 You are absolutely right. The module involved is called Checkout Fields Manager from Aitoc and it has been discontinued so its no longer on the Prestashop addons. What I want is actually to have a module that perform the following during checkout process: 1. To select the delivery date (with the ability to specify the time too), 2. Add new fields for multi-address and one-page checkout pages as well as to customer registration page, 3. Add custom fields with the following input types: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button; 4. Add additional text to checkout steps without any fields; Our checkout page right now allow Guest Checkout but the delivery and billing addresses are the same, and I want to use this module to allow Guest Checkout to have a different delivery and billing address. I have the zip file with me and without that page, I am not sure what else information do you need.
  4. I am trying to do the same thing, downgrading from 1.5.6 to (I used the 1-Click Update to upgrade from 1.4.9 to 1.5.6). I'm thinking of using the rollback function to restore it back to 1.4.9, and then use 1-Click Update "Private Release" option to point it to http://www.prestashop.com/download/old/prestashop_1.5.4.1.zip and the md5 hashkey will be from "/config/settings.inc.php" the COOKIE KEY. Will that work?
  5. I have this idea on rolling it back to 1.4.X, and then use the 1-Click Update but use "Private Release" and point it to http://www.prestashop.com/download/old/prestashop_1.5.4.1.zip, but I'm not sure how to get the md5 hashkey, unless I go to "/config/settings.inc.php" and get the "Cookie Key". Do you think that will work?
  6. I would love to, but the developer has stopped updating the module and stopped the support for it. So I'm thinking of downgrading it to which the module supports. If there's any guide on how to do this, it will be great. I have read somewhere that by FTP replacing all the files except the "config" folder and then changing the settings.inc.php to will work but I am not sure. I don't want to screw up my shop.
  7. Hi. I have upgraded successfully from version 1.4.9 to 1.5.6 using the 1-Click-Upgrade. Almost everything worked and then I realized one of the modules that I have purchased only support up to version, so I am wondering how do I downgrade my Prestashop from version 1.5.6 to safely. Thank you in advance.
  8. I have no idea how the override folder was created in the first place. What I am doing now is installing PS 1.5.2 on my laptop and then transfer the theme and the the purchase module over and test it locally... hopefully that will work
  9. I have checked and I don't see any module that I have installed that has the compare products. Anyway, I am deleting the CompareProduct.php and let's see how it goes. The history of the site is long. In summary, I wasn't the person who did it. The person who helped the site owner left and not contactable, and so the site owner came to me. As a friend, I am helping him out.
  10. Oh I see. Do you happen to know what caused it? Anyway I really need to sort this out so that my customers can log in to start purchasing!
  11. elpatron, I have turned off the sql reporting but the display errors is still set to on. So far I have tried loading the site either oharaflorist.com or www.oharaflorist.com and it showed no 500 error. It loads without a problem.
  12. elpatron, the site is oharaflorist.com and I am connecting to it right now without any issues. This is an upgrade from PS 1.4.4. Previously I bought some module that required upgrading, and I tried upgrading it to PS 1.5.2 but then the whole site was down, so I restored it back to PS 1.4.4 (from the backup I have created), and then upgraded it to PS 1.4.9 (while I am installing PS 1.5.2 on my laptop). Ever since then I have this issue.
  13. elpatron, thanks. I have turned on the error reporting by... /* Debug only */ @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', true); I am using PS 1.49 The site is not showing error
  14. I have tried turn on and off the friendly URL feature as well. ANYONE? Please help! My customers can't log in!
  15. Hi. Anyone? I have changed the domain redirect to www.oharaflorist.com instead of using oharaflorist.com and then I am still getting the same error when I tried to log in. TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to send login informations Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error You can try to login using "[email protected]" and password "123456789"
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