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  1. @horiatb Do you know how to show different layout (include different partial product list) depending on category id in a module on homepage? (prestashop 1.7) I've a module on homepage that list products including {include file="catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl" product=$product} How can I say it to include a different tpl if it have to list items in category 15? thanks
  2. thank you horiatb! The first solution is good for me
  3. ContextErrorException in smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code line 225: In debug mode I recevie the this error. Version prestashop: Theme (a copy of classic) Has this already happened to anyone?
  4. Same problem with prestashop
  5. Hi there, do you know how, in prestashop 1.7.x, show a different product tpl if the product child of a unique category? eg.: I wish to display a different product gallery effect and text for all product pages that are in a specific category. Thanks
  6. @breda_Mcg, Yes you're right! It's incredible that a so basic feature is not allowed in Prestashop. It can avoids a lot of orders return, many users add to cart without think about size before. @Prestashop... any help?????
  7. Hi, I've installed module recent viewed products (ps_viewedproduct) on Prestashop and hooked to "displayLeftColumn" and "displayFooterProduct" but it doesn't appear. How can i fix it? Thank you
  8. same problem, can't find a solution yet
  9. Hi there, I've a problem with prestashop When I edit any module tpl and update I can't see my changes on the frontend. Instead if I edit css or root theme tpl the changes are visible. I've already set cache, smarty, file recompilation etc on Performance. Where is the problem? Thank you
  10. Confermo! fino all'uscita della versione 1.5.x per me prestashop era il miglior prodotto in circolazione. Putroppo la nuova versione è a dir poco piena di bug. Ti consiglio anche io di partire con una 1.4
  11. Salve, sto cercando da tempo nei vari topics informazioni riguardo a mostrare una etichetta (label) per una specifica categoria. Ad esempio ho una categoria "ebook" e vorrei che le immagini degli articoli (nella pagina categoria e prodotto) riportassero un etichetta specifica, nella fattispecie un'immagine png in trasparenza. Spero di essermi spiegato, grazie.