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  1. Ok, when looking in GTmetrix, YSlow "Use cookie-free domains" section, I notice that all components listed are from 3rd parties modules: - Canada Post Shipping v1.3.3 - by Presto-Changeo - Creative Slider v6.6.7 - by WebshopWorks - HTML Box Pro v3.1.6 - by MyPresta.eu - PrestaBlog v3.7.4 - by HDClic - Product, Shop Reviews, Reminder, Profile, Rich Snippets v1.5.7 - by mitrocops Is there something that I can add to the .htaccess file to Unset cookies for all images, js, css etc file using htaccess rule? Or, any other ways to fix this problem... Thank you for your help. Dan
  2. Ok, I found the problem, when I created the subdomain, it was under Document Root /public_html/static instead of just /public_html. However, only my product images are served via the subdomain and my GTmetrix still have a "F" for most of my pages. I also noticed that the subdomain that I have created on my Host now has "http://static.mydomain.com/%{ENV:REWRITEBASE}img/c/$1$2.jpg" as a value for Redirection, probably created with the updated .htaccess file. My site have a lot of .png images also, and these are not served via the subdomain. How can I have them also served via the subdomain? Do I have to modify the .htaccess file, probably at the section under "# Images" to also include .png images to be served via the subdomain? Any recommendation would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  3. Hi, I have an existing shop using PrestaShop version and trying to raise my GTmetrix Performance in order to improve my site ranking and speed by serving my static content from a cookieless domain... I have followed the guide here: https://www.sunnytoo.com/18375/add-media-servers-prestashop-1-7-prestashop1-6 and other guides online but I am having troubles. My site is being hosted by JustHost on a shared server, with Dedicated IP and SSL on all pages. - I have setup a "static" subdomain on my host and configured it to redirect to my main domain (https://www.mydomain.com). - I then added this subdomain (static.mydomain.com) to Media server #1 in the Performance section of my BO. - Did a regenerate of the .htaccess file (deactivate the "Friendly URL" option and save it, then activate the "friendly URL" option and save it again). - Copied css, images, img, js, logo, modules and themes folders to the newly created static folder on my host. Now, when I am looking at my webpage, the content is all over the page like below: So, I really need to know what I am doing wrong or what other files/folders should I copy to my static folder in order to fix this problem. In other words, what other "'Static content" files/folders should I copy to my "static" folder or what other steps am I not doing. Please be very specific. Thank you for your help. Dan
  4. Hi nubekids, did you ever found a solution to this problem? I have the same problem on Prestashop I only noticed this problem after upgrading from Prestashop to Cheers Dan
  5. Hey folks, the sales on my shop www.miraxsupplements.com have drop considerably since January 2017 and I am wondering if this is related to Google now favoring full secure site and Chrome now showing “Your connection to this site is not secure, You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers…” when clicking on the icon next to the web address. I am presently using the default SSL for pages that on my shop that requires it ex: Contact page, Connexion page… but is considering using the Enable SSL on all pages” feature of Prestashop. My shop uses a premium theme and a few paid modules for shipping, SEO enhancements, Cache Manager, Blog and a few others. I would like to know, what will be the impact on my site when I enable the “Enable SSL on all pages” feature and what I should do prior to unable this option. What will happen to all the back links from other sites linking to my site via the http vs the https site? Will the links automatically redirect to the new https links or do I have to setup a redirect on my Host? I assume that I will lose all the Social sharing likes to my site, is this the case? I am aware that I will have to modify the links on Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics to assure the new links are being indexed, but other than that, what should I do? Will this impact my page rank on the short term / long term? Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  6. I remember when I was using standard payment and had the same problem you mentioned... I think that disabling, uninstalling and deleting the PayPal module, then clearing cache and installing it from a fresh download from Prestashop Addons site fixed my problems. Also, try using different web browsers when doing your test transactions to see if you can replicate a fail transaction. You can also check your Host Access Logs to see the failed transactions to verify if it is happening only with users using particular type of hardware/software. Good luck with this... Dan
  7. Hey tdr170, Did you also made the changes to the file paypalusa/paypalusa.php? If not, check the bug tracker here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 Hope this will help... Cheers Dan
  8. Totally agree with you tdr170... The purpose of my post was to give a temporary solution for users who are still struggling with the Paypal modules. I, like many others, gave up on that module when I switch to PayPal Payments Advanced for my shop, and had to purchase a paid version. But when the paid module started to not work properly and I was losing sales because of it, I had to find a quick solution. This solution is what I intended to share for users with similar problems. I agree that the "PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 - by PrestaShop" as lots of problems and that Prestashop's developers seems to be purposely avoiding a fix for this module, perhaps to generate revenues with their paid modules. But then again, Prestashop is a great open source solution for business starters who can't afford to invest large sums for an online store platform and those developers have to generate some sort of revenue for their hard work. Having said that, it is time for the Prestashop's developers to fix these problems once and for all, as a working payment module is essential for an online shop. Prestashop is losing some ground because of this, cause lots of users are getting frustrated with this and switching to other platforms. Soooo, Prestashop developers, it is time for you guys to fix this.... Cheers Dan
  9. Solution with Paypal USA, Canada fixed in PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.10... See here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/519864-paypal-usa-canada-v1310-working-with-paypal-payments-advanced/ Cheers Dan
  10. Solution here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/519864-paypal-usa-canada-v1310-working-with-paypal-payments-advanced/ Cheers Dan
  11. Solution here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/519864-paypal-usa-canada-v1310-working-with-paypal-payments-advanced/ Cheers Dan
  12. Hi guys, Recently, my "paid" Paypal Advanced module stop working properly with PayFlow (wrong shipping carrier recorded in BO and many failed transactions resulting in lost sales) so I decided to investigate why I was never been able to get the Prestashop's PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 module working with the Paypal Advanced feature. Searching through the Bug Tracker, I found that the Prestashop developers seems to be aware of the problems with PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 as a bug fix was posted back in August 2015 and a simple change in the file paypalusa/paypalusa.php would fix many of the problems reported using the Paypal Advanced option. I am not sure why Prestashop had never released the PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.10 module? Anyway, if some of you are trying to get the Prestashop's PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 module working with the Paypal Advanced feature, try this: Change the file paypalusa/paypalusa.php as per Bug Tracker: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files This will bring up the PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 module to version v1.3.10. I also modified the paypalusa/views/templates/hook/standard.tpl file as per Bug Tracker: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/434/files This change will removed taxes from the discounts and shipping totals, because they're already included in the total tax, and fixed issues with orders not being recorded in BO after successful PayPal Payment. I am still testing this updated module on my shop, everything seems to be working great, the only thing I noticed is that I get two errors when loading the Modules/Payment page in my Back office: paypalusa (parse error in /modules/paypalusa/paypalusa.php) paypalusa (class missing in /modules/paypalusa/paypalusa.php) I tried manually clearing the cache files but I can't get the errors to go away. Any ideas on how to fix this? Cheers Dan
  13. Well, after further investigation, turns out it is not fully fonctionnal... well I guess Paid module it will be... Bummer.
  14. Many of you guys have tried to get the "PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9" module to work in "PayPal Payments Advanced" mode with no luck and were forced to purchase a paid Paypal module in order to have it work with your Paypal Manager. The current PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 from Prestashop will probably not work because there are a few important lines missing on the paypalusa.php file. PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 needs to be updated to PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.10 as per GitHub post here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 Also, you need to follow instruction that was posted by nnapier here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/441830-prestashop-16-paypal-advanced-setup-guide-with-free-default-module/?hl=%2Bpaypal+%2Badvanced&do=findComment&comment=2170958 Doing as mentioned above should get the module to work, it was tested with Prestashop and Cheers Dan
  15. (SOLVED) *Update* Ok , I have fixed the problem myself by using the updated paypalusa.php file and following the guide on this post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/441830-prestashop-16-paypal-advanced-setup-guide-with-free-default-module/?hl=%2Bpaypal+%2Badvanced&do=findComment&comment=2170958 I looks like Prestashop module is not automatically configurating some options values in setup in PayPal Manager and the fields for: Enter Cancel URL Enter Error URL Enter Return URL needs to be filled in as per instruction from the link above. So, everything is working fine now with Prestashop default Paypal module (now version v1.3.10 with new paypalusa.php file) in advanced mode. Tested with Prestashop and Cheers
  16. Thanks hoover11 for the updates. Unfortunately this is not related to the problems I get. It is almost obvious that Prestashop developer's doesn't want to fixed their Paypal module as a way to force users to purchase their paid module. (I guess it's ok with an open source platform, developers got to make a buck somehow for their hard work). I will probably get the Presto-Changeo module,, if I can't get the one from Prestashop working... Cheers Dan
  17. The code in the paypalusa.php file is missing a few required lines as mentionned in GitHub here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 I modified the file and managed to get it working, but my problem now is that it only works using Internet Explorer. It will not work with Firefox or Chrome In Firefox, the credit card get charged, but no indication to client, cart still have items in it and you are still on the last checkout window but without the PayPal iframe. In Chrome, the Paypal iframe just hangs after you click on pay now. Everything is working fine with Internet Explorer. I suspect it has something to do with cookies... Also, I am in Canada and is only using CAD as currency, maybe that has something to do with the Prestashop PayPal USA, Canada module not working... Anyway, I have attached the modified paypalusa.php file as per GitHub above if you want to try it out. Maybe it will work for USA. The file is located under your public_html/modules/paypalusa/ directory on your host. (Make sure to backup the original before) Let me know if it works... Dan paypalusa.php
  18. *Update* Ok , I have fixed the problem myself by applying the bug fix here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 Prestashop should really update the PayPal USA, Canada to version 1.3.10... Thanks
  19. *Update* Ok , I have fixed the problem myself by applying the bug fix here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 Prestashop should really update the PayPal USA, Canada to version 1.3.10... Thanks
  20. *Update* Ok , I have fixed the problem myself by applying the bug fix here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-modules/pull/432/files#diff-5da7524100b2e4a68e32e136ed582c5cR423 Prestashop should really update the PayPal USA, Canada to version 1.3.10... Thanks
  21. Same problem here... have you found a solution to this problem? (Other than buying a paid module...) Cheers Dan
  22. Have you ever found a solution to that problem? Have the same error with Paypal Payment Advanced module.... Thanks Dan
  23. Hi, did anyone ever found a solution to the "Field format error: 10561-There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a complete billing address." error with the Prestashop Paypal Payment Advanced module? Other than to buy a paid module... Thanks Dan
  24. Exact same problem here... Anyone got this to work? Thanks Dan
  25. Same problem here... looded with "Transaction ID" messages, one for each paypal transaction...
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