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  1. You should have received the package Social Discount Prestashop - Unzip first.zip in which you will find Prestashop social discount -1.4.x Unzip first.zip & prestashop social discount -1.5.x Unzip first.zip Please use the appropriate package as per you version.
  2. If you unline and like again, you will not get any discount. The system will check and make sure that the discount is for single use only. Probably your usesrs may use the twitter / Google+ to get another discount for the one time for each of them.
  3. vynx, yes! I have updated original thread here and added more screenshot to show how it works. Moreover you can yourself can see its working here http://www.thakkertech.com/PrestaShop/11-facebook-want-own-buttons-for-prestashop.html
  4. currently its not integrated. Facebook integration is done to increase your social visibility.
  5. I would like to introduce the module that will help your products to get social visibility. Facebook Want Own Buttons for PrestaShop Benefits to the site admin : By adding this module to your shop, you can allow users to show thier desire to buy your product or claim the ownership of it, if they have purcahsed it already. Existing or potential customer can see how many people already own this, so they can trust your website after seeing the count of Own If the customer chose to buy later, if your product is out of stock currently, if you have not displayed price etc in such case customer may click Want button to show their desire and interest in your product. All these activity will be posted on their Facebook timeline. So you get social visibility as well at the same time Benefits to the site customer : After clicking any of the two buttons, customer can show to their friends what they already have or wish to purchase They may get comments and views from their friends if someone already has the same product Features : Adds two buttons called Facebook Want and Facebook Own on the product detail page Shows count of current product Want & Own on your site particularly Customer can not click Want/Own again if he has already clicked it once. DEMO can be seen here : http://www.thakkerte...prestashop.html Purchase / Download from here http://www.thakkerte...hop-detail.html PrestaShop Compatibility : PreastaShop 1.4.x, PreastaShop 1.5.x Documentation : You just have to install this module and that's it. No other setting/configuration needed for this to work! If You need any help or facing issues, please do not hesitate to open a support thread here http://www.thakkerte...op-modules.html
  6. kingsinnersoul, I don't understand what you mean. Can you please explain in detail?
  7. Fabrice, Currently its not compatible to that. But we can make it as a custom request for you.
  8. They said it will be available on 22nd Oct. But I can not find it in download on home page. so once its released we will check compatibility and if any changes needed will be doing it accordingly.
  9. By this week it will be released. Please watch this space for the same... we will create a new thread here as soon as its available.
  10. Yes, you if you wish to give discount for Like/Share for current page you can do the same by just not passing anything in the configuration url text for each provider. Simply it means, if you wish user to like your page or particular url to share just pass it to the configuration. If its left blank current page url will be used to like/share and discount will be given in any case. Regarding your second question, please wait for couple of days. We will be releasing it shortly.
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