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  1. Hi, I saw error message : "The following module(s) were not installed properly: - cmakfollowus :" I am using 1.5.2 now. Is it due to version of Prestashop? Please advice. Thanks
  2. Agreed!!! Dear Prestashop Support team, Please make a module or upgrade or enable back for this solutions with The virtual Product combinations. Looking forward to hear from yours soon. Thanks.
  3. Hi Ben, Can I know custom coding is it very complicated? Thanks
  4. Hi Tomer, Look interesting and good, this is paid module? (A bit expensive) Don't Prestashop have any specify solution that can solve it? Or any alternate way to have multiple option download per product? Why Prestashop restric or limit the virtual product files? Tq
  5. Hi, I would like to have multiple format for individual downloadable product, however there seem have restriction for virtual product to have combinations. :( Is any one have alternate solution or method to solve this restriction? Appreaciated for any advice or comment. Thanks. Rye
  6. Hi, I just updated PrestaShop™ Found error on purchasing item to the check out. Error message "An item in your cart is no longer available in this quantity, you cannot proceed with your order." Please advice how to solve this easier way Thanks. Rye
  7. Hi, I would like to know how can add/edit product text field in the "Product Global Information"? Currentlyl default only have 4 text field which is "Name, Reference, EAN13 and UPC", however I would like to change some of the field and like to add additional few more text field. Also would like these text field added to be show in the website product page, just like the "Reference" text field. Hope anyone could advice on this. BTW, I am very new to PRestashop. Sam
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