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  1. Aha! here we got some interesting point to carry about. This is very useful information for the newbies like myself, thanks tdr170! I wonder, editing database may be the main reason why there is so many "white" pages beginners experience after the shop transfer?
  2. @tdr170 This is maybe what is the harder step in entire moving shop procedure: accessing the database and editing it properly. Is there a fixed list of the links that point to the shop domain? [Or this list is or may be fluent depending on everybody's shop installation?] Thank you
  3. @Peter The reasons of getting white page are unknown until you ask your Presta configuration to show up what is going on: Find this file: config.inc.php (open with a simple text editor) The file is here (via ftp access): ROOT > config > config.inc.php, Now: change line @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); to @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); (save!) Refresh your white Presta page in your browser. Now you are able to read the exact error and you know what to fix.
  4. H, Thanks for your post! Did it worked for you? I have failed moving my shop from subfolder to the root. The new installation was still pointing to the old folder. Maybe I was a single click from the success? I do not know. Hard for me to find out. As far I have abandoned the idea to move, and I have put in place a landing page directing visitors to the shop. My shop is running and I do not want to experiment to much having fear the shop will crush if I mess up the code. Anyhow the problem is interesting so I'll test this on another server, just to learn how it works. @Scott J, if you can share your experience it would be nice Thanks!
  5. Hello PrestaShop Forum, That looks like something hard to be donne moving the shop from folder to root on the same server. I have found answer by tozama concerning PrestaShop 1.4 : tozama Posted 21 September 2011 - 07:27 PM But in PrestaShop 1.5 there are some differences: A. file "settings.inc.php" in PS1.5 has no such line : ('__PS_BASE_URI__','); (? so where is it?) B. htaccess generator not existe anymore in PS1.5 : this is automaticaly generated file. so how to regenerate this ? Any one of the 300.000 forum members :-) have an idea how to proceed, please? Many thanks! Miki
  6. Hello Tozama! I've been searching for such step by step clearly described action of moving presta shop. THANK YOU! Dear Tozama, I have just one question - will this work with PrestaShop 1.5? Thank you in advance for the update on this topic. Best, Miki
  7. Hello Community I would like to move my shop from the subfolder (mydomain.com/prestashop) into my server root (to make it accessible via mydomain.com) [all on same server, same domain, same database] I am on Prestashop 1.5 Would you mind to explain step by step what to do? What files or menus in back-office need to updated, and with what? Is that risky? Many many thanks for your help! Best regards Miki