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  1. What I did, was to change the p class in the authentication.tbl from <p class="required postcode text"> to <p class="required text"> and it worked.
  2. Hello, Did you manage to sort out this problem? I have got the same and I don’t know what to do. Please advice as soon as possible
  3. same proplem! did anyone solve it?
  4. yes! this isi right!!! i use tha latest version
  5. Hello to all, I have been using the default prestashop theme and what I want to do is to move both left and right columns right on top. In the middle would be the header. Any suggestions? Thank you in advanced!
  6. i use the matrice theme! well i have tested another theme and works exactly the same. so i suppose is an administrative issue
  7. Thank you very much for the reply. Well, I bought a product just to test it, and still the drop down box remains empty.
  8. Hello to all, On contact-us page, both the order id and the Product drop down are empty. Does anyone know why? Am very new to prestashop, so I suppose I do something wrongly. As far as I concern, it must be an administrative configuration. Thank you in advanced!
  9. hello to all, i use PS 1.5.3 with matrice theme. the compare products module does not work, driving to page not available. cache is on and force compile is off. i did a research before i create a new topic, but i wan to able to find a solution. please advice.
  10. just find the solution! simple as always!!!! the only thing you have to do is just go to BO -> Preferences -> Products Check to make sure you have "Enable JqZoom instead of Thickbox on product page:" set to NOrt Please mark it as solved!!!
  11. Hello to all, I have changed the default image gallery of PS with the jQZoom, with thumbnail The problem is with the thumbnail and here is the code: For some reason the rel= “” tag does not like what is within it and therefore does not display the image when is clicked Please advice
  12. Hello to all, What I have to do, is the right column to be on different margin-top on index page, and different on product page. I have attached the pictures showing the problem. Thank you in advanced
  13. Hello, This module works fine on PS 1.5.2 However I’ve been using the latest version PS and does not work! Please advice
  14. Hello to all, I’ve been looking for a module to display the price of a product depending on the quantity. The module must look like the picture I have attached and compatible with PS Thank you in advanced.
  15. Hello to all, Am new to presta, so please be kind! What I want to do is to have different charges depending on the county. For example, the carrier company I use to post the items, charges depending on the county. I have been looking on the BO and I wasn’t able to find it! Any ideas?
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