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  1. I'm pretty sure you can use server with Presto-Chango, best bet is to message them on the prestochango website and ask, they would be able to confirm. The people on the live chat are so helpful and will advise you in the right direction to take.
  2. This works well with 1.5 http://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/html-box.html
  3. If it's the same issue I had I had to buy the presto chango module as the official one isn't compatible with 1.5 even though it was advertised that it was. Now it works like a charm! Prestashop have refunded me for the purchase now.
  4. Hi, I know this is an old topic but I am getting this now, it appears it has happened after the latest update, adding global didn't work. Any help would be appreciated
  5. For the categories you could try replacing the following in your category.tpl file: {if $category->description} <div class="cat_desc"> <p>{$category->description}</p> <a href="#" class="lnk_more">{l s='More'}</a> </div> {/if} With {if $category->description} <div class="cat_desc"> <p>{$category->description}</p> </div> {/if} However, create a backup of this file as i'm not 100% sure. To do the product ... find the following in your product.tpl <span class="product_desc">{$product.description_short|truncate:360:'…'}</span> And you can either choose to change the Truncate value <span class="product_desc">{$product.description_short|truncate:480:'…'}</span> Or adjust the code replacing product.description_short <span class="product_desc">{$product.description}</span> That should do the trick!
  6. I had this, the fix was to increase the php.ini memory limit.
  7. Fixed: Had to specify them being in stock. Duh!
  8. Has anyone done this and if so, using what module? It would require sending an automated email to our sales team for them to quote for shipping.
  9. Hi all, I'm almost losing the will to live with this and have no clue as to why this is happening. When I go though the checkout I am presented with a blank page after shipping. This does it for everything but I feel it started after I installed the PayPal module. Even the /modules/paypal/about.php page will not load. I have tried deleting the Paypal module but this didn't help. Please help!
  10. Can anyone help? I assigned 3 products to another product via accessories and it's not displaying them under the accessories tab. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Are you on 1.5? Try smashing ctrl+f5 a few more times on the product page
  12. Hi, Have you tried ctrl+refresh to clear your cache? Not sure on the features though, never had a problem myself
  13. Hi, In answer to your questions: 1) The order is specified in Catalogue>Features in your admin panel. Use the little black arrows to move them up and down 2) find product.tpl in your themes folder and find the following code {if $features}<li><a id="more_info_tab_data_sheet" href="#idTab2">{l s='Data Sheet'}</a></li>{/if} and replace it with {if $features}<li><a id="more_info_tab_data_sheet" href="#idTab2">{l s='Sizing Chart'}</a></li>{/if} Tadaaaaa
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