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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for your tools. I have a question for resolve my problem: it's possible to set "Location" product with prestools? Thanks
  2. Hi, how to configure carrier for product for specific supplier? thanks
  3. HI,unfortunately db go down on this query...it's terrible. It's possible to lock tables and not delivery other request?
  4. we have this result: Risultato SQL Host: localhost Database: scontolo_ps16 Creato il: Ott 03, 2018 alle 14:20 Generato da: phpMyAdmin / MySQL 10.2.12-MariaDB Query SQL: repair table ps_shop_url; Righe: 1 Table Op Msg_type Msg_text scontolo_ps16.ps_shop_url repair note The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair
  5. Hi, we have a site www.scontolo.net developed on prestashop From 26 September we have a big problem on a this qery: "SELECT s.id_shop, CONCAT(su.physical_uri, su.virtual_uri) AS uri, su.domain, su.main FROM ps_shop_url su LEFT JOIN ps_shop s ON (s.id_shop = su.id_shop) WHERE (su.domain = 'www.scontolo.net' OR su.domain_ssl = 'www.scontolo.net') AND s.active = 1 AND s.deleted = 0 ORDER BY LENGTH(CONCAT(su.physical_uri, su.virtual_uri)) DESC" this query lock tables and db crashed. Can you help me???
  6. Hi all, for my site I have need to change order status automatically when into order there is at least specific product (for example reference: ps-112233) How to change oders status with a php script ? Thanks a lot!
  7. Ciao a tutti, ho un problema durante la visualizzazioni dei prodotti presenti in una categoria. Quando clicco sulla categoria appaiono i primi 48 prodotti presenti, ma quando clicco sulla pagina successiva non appare alcun prodotto. il sito è www.scontolo.net potete darmi una mano? grazie
  8. hi all, I have a problem on my site when customer clicks on category. After click shows 48 products but when clicks on page 2 (http://www.scontolo.net/accessori-auto-e-moto-151#/page-1) products not appear. Can you help me? I'm sorry for my bad english. Best REgards
  9. ciao ho il tuo stesso problema, come hai risolto con i permessi?
  10. Hi, I have need a method for track free products download, have you an idea? Best regards
  11. Hi, thank you very much for code But, I've need to enable direct download only when customer are loggef, it's possible?
  12. Hi, on my site I've same error. Site is: www.scontolo.net Thanks a lot for help!
  13. I've same error on login with one-page checkout...please help me... mi site is www.scontolo.net now I've enable 5 step, but for customer I'll prefer one-page checkout...
  14. Hi, I've same errore with one-page checkout on my site www.scontolo.net plesase help me...
  15. Hi, I've buy module but it's not possible download, send me a link, thanks,
  16. Hi I've same error: Undefined variable: submitsc in /web/htdocs/www.xxxx.net/home/modules/slidecaptcha/slidecaptcha.php on line 161 ho to resolve?? thanks
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