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  1. Thank you Nemo and Vekia, i could do it and it looks much nicer this way , thanks again but still the issue of the Manufacturer page still exist.
  2. Any one can help me with that please ? plus that the manufacturer list still not working...
  3. Sorry didn't know how to edit the code, do you mind helping me with that. thanks
  4. Yes sir, it's the actuall manufacturer list page and it doesn't show anything, you can check it your self malabsy.com
  5. I've 2 issues that i couldn't fix regarding the Manufacturer list in the blocktopmenu. 1. When i click on Manufacturers in the topmenu it should open a page listing all manufacturers i have, but it also says there is no manufacturer. 2. I'd love to change the submenu in the manufacturer to manufacturers logos instead of text. Anyone can advice me please. thanks
  6. I already did this now when i couldn't find another solution, but what if you liked 1 tshirt and you wanted to check other colors ?? doesn't make sense for me as i already saw it in lots of web store, when you search you find each color as different product and when you select any product of them you can also choose between tshirt colors.
  7. Hi All, I have fashion website, so i've many cloths products, i might have 1 tshirt with 5 colors. i want each color to be shown as a new product in categories. is that possible ?
  8. Done several times plus i tried 4 or 5 computers, it never worked you can try your self, register then try to login http://www.q8sa3a.com thank you
  9. Dear all Using a fresh 1.5.2 prestashop, i've been uploading data for the past 2 days and everything is working fine, but today i registered as a customer for the 1st time to check the store, and unfortunately i can't login in with the user i just created!, i tried the chrome and firefox for windows and it didn't work out, but tried chrome on OSX and it worked. please try to help me out here is my domain http://www.q8sa3a.com Thank you
  10. Hi I'm working with 1.5.2 fresh install, my problem is i can't login in the frontend of my website through chrome, firefox please i need help http://www.q8sa3a.com
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