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  1. Hi, I'm building new shop and had similar problem with v1.6.1.3 after I imported products from our online shop(v1.5) to localhost. When i wanted to edit a product the save button and save and stay button were spinning all the time and getting (500 Internal Server Error). I went to the Advanced settings/performance and than tested all the option ON and OFF , than I found that when I choose "force compilation" on Template compilation the problem appears and if I change it to " Never recompile template files" no problem at all. I tested this least 15 or 20 times just for to be sure and it works for me. so i thought maybe it can be worth to try for you guys also.
  2. Thank you very much thranga, but what i want to do is, if a customer buys some products "other than furniture" for total cost 150$ or more, they get free shipping, we don't want to offer free shipping for furniture. So when I create a new carrier( with all range settings and fees) and assign it on product page, even if I add additional shipping cost to product , as soon as i type 150$ in "free shipping starts at" on shipping tab it overrides all carriers, and furniture gets free shipping . I dont want that the free shipping price will be applied to the second carrier that assigned to furniture. I hope that i could explain little bit better this time with my bad English .
  3. Hi all, I have a little problem with shipping, we want to offer free shipping over certain price but in one product category we have heavy things like furnitures and we dont want that free shipping starts at price will apply to that category(or many products in that category). Is it posible to do that , couse we tried everything and couldnt make it, like price ranges or weight ranges even if we put extra shipping cost in products shipping page does not work. I wonder if someone can help us. Thanks
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