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  1. having the same problem with my first order too cost of £23.33 and paypal account charged £23.32 "Payment Error" displayed in orders. Any help greatfully received.
  2. I have the same problem, Click send email and nothing happens - The result block remains blank. Can anyone help?? Thanks Ian
  3. Hi, Im looking to remove the description pop up when you hover over the Categories block. I know this can be done by removing the description text, but i want the text to remain on the Category page, just removed from the hompage Categories Hover. Thanks Ian
  4. Hi Rocky, Spot on, that did the trick. Many Thanks Ian
  5. Hi Rocky, Thanks for your reply If i comment out the following <!-- --> Yes it works, however it also removes the subcategory pictures under category, I want the subcategory pictures under category to remain, I just to remove subcategory top picture from the listings under subcategory?? I hope that makes sense. Thanks Ian
  6. Hi, When you click a category the subcategory pictures display then when you click the subcategory picture the products are listed with the subcategory picture at the top of the listings. Is there anyway to remove the picture at the top of the subcategory listings?? If i don't use a subcategory picture at all then nothing displays, but as soon as i pop a picture in it displays. How can i remove the subcategory picture from the top of the listings but have the picture remain on subcategory listings in the categories?? Thanks Ian
  7. Hi, Is there anyway to have a item showing as POA (Price on Application)?? Thanks Ian
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