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  1. Thanks for that, but how to add two email addresses to BCC?
  2. First of all, great thanks for this amazing module!!! Second, I managed to install it an it works perfectly fine to have a number like CA00029. Then I set prefix for Order ID: CA/%y/%m/ but the end result is: CA/%y/%m/140800074 when it should be CA/14/08/00074 Can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong?
  3. Hi, Short description of my problem. 1. I search for a product 2. Click on one of the products found on a search result page 3. There is a product page of this product but without category and subcategory displayed in a breadcrumb. It should display a default one. I did a lot of searches and couldn't find and answear. I also tried to regenerate categories but no result. Prestashop
  4. It doesn't work for me. Just displaying {message} in email.
  5. Go to images.inc.php and change: $mime_type = trim(exec('file -b --mime-type '.escapeshellarg($file['tmp_name']))); to $mime_type = trim(exec('file -bi '.escapeshellarg($file['tmp_name']))); Did it help?
  6. I solved it by removing E from all brackets in .htaccess file, example [L,E] -> [L]
  7. I have the same problem - I would appreciate support with this one.
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