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  1. We were hoping they could select the color, then select the size and it would carry the values to the cart. You are saying they have to create a combo for Black, Small and one for Black, Medium, etc. Is there no way to have two selections and the values carry over?
  2. OK, the product is back there if anyone can help. http://purpleleopardboutique.com/943-maxi-skirt-or-strapless-dress-.html
  3. This is one example. Only the size gets carried over to the cart. http://purpleleopardboutique.com/943-maxi-skirt-or-strapless-dress-.html
  4. I can get multiple attributes to show on the product page but only the first value shows in the cart. For example Sizes: small, medium large, and then colors: Black, Red, Blue I have found other topics on this but I have not seen a solution. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I have confirmed that this is the short description. The database lists the type as text so I can't it there. This character limit has to be set somewhere in the files.
  6. I told them to copy in from notepad. I don't what else to tell them. They are constantly getting errors.
  7. Ok, here is what I found out. I error'd out on a specific product on everything I tried to do. I read earlier about the character limit on the description. So I removed text from short desc., ran it through notepad and reentered it and it saved without error. Do you know how to up the limit on the short description?
  8. OK, I use domainname.com/adminxxx and it redirects me to this: http://purpleleopardboutique.com/adminxxx/index.php?controller=AdminLogin&token=f99c27f25b6872ede05d3234f94e4d66&redirect=AdminHome
  9. OK, I changed the quantity of an item and got the error same as the first one I posted So then I went to upload the image and I got an undefined error. I hit hte back button and it logged me out. After I logged back in, I was able to change quantity and upload picture. This is really weird.
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