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  1. Hi all I need to hide certain settings tabs in the back office at product edition, specifically I want to hide the tabs: shipping, combinations, quantities and suppliers, I can not find the file to edit it, I hope you can help me Regards
  2. Ok i got it, it was a very simple code: $product->category Now I have the front ready in catalog mode thanks for your help
  3. I recommend Zopim https://www.zopim.com/ Very fast installation, great functionalities
  4. Hello Andrew Maybe you can help me, i need to put the "main category" of the product above the price, i´m trying edit the product.tlp file but i don't know the code. Regards!
  5. Gracias Patron, funciono perfecto. Te escribo en español ya que vi que eres de Colombia. Tengo otra duda, es un detalle pero quiero mostrar la categoría principal sobre el precio. Estoy editando el archivo product.tpl pero no sé cual es el codigo para que aparezca la categoría por defecto que se selecciona al editar las asociaciones del producto, espero puedas ayudarme, saludos desde Chile I write in Spanish bacause I saw that you are from Colombia. I have another question, is a detail but I want to show the main category above the price. I'm editing the "product.tpl" file but I dont know which is the code to display the default category that is selected in product associations, I hope you can help me, Regards from Chile
  6. Hello guys Im starting using prestashop and i want change some details, i need find the files and the codes for make this changes: how can show the currency selector in catalog mode? how can hide or edit the "add to cart" button in catalog mode? Regards
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