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  1. Hello all - I've searched and searched and cannot seem to find an answer to this very frustrating issue I'm having... Basically, I have my top menu navigation set up as a mix of CMS links and Category links. What I'm trying to do is disable the Parent category links only for those categories that have drop-down sub-menu categories. Especially while using the website on a mobile device. I would like for hem to behave like the categories in the footer like Company, My Account etc. If anyone has any idea on how to hack this, I'd appreciate it. I have attached a screenshot for reference.
  2. Hey guys, I want to know how can I force the browser of old customers to delete the old cache the first time they will revisit the website. If I enable Force Compile and than disable it, will this do the trick ? I don't want to leave it on because that will affect the loading time of the pages. I looked it online, but I didn't find a straight answer. Thanks in advance, and by the way you are an awesome community !
  3. What I meant was when I get a problem (or a client for this matter) with the website because of the cache stored by the browser, what action should I take so that the next time he will visit the website, prestashop will force his browser to recompile the website, deleting old cache who gave the errors , but to do this only once, not every time he visits it so the loading time wouldn't be affected. And about the Prestashop version, I started planning a new website look and feel, and I will implement the new changes when the official Prestashop 1.7 comes out; hopefully soon
  4. Ok, I deleted the cache from Chrome again and now it seems it's working . But I saw other customers having the same problem as I had. I used HotJar software to see recordings of what customers exactly do on the website, and I saw a customer from UK having the same problem, and when I checked on my PC I had it as well. If I Force Compile, should this solve the problem for old customers? And if Yes how much should I leave it on, because it takes longer to load the page. I'm not really sure how this feature works. Does it have any effect if I turn it on and the off, or I have to keep it on? Nonetheless thank you very much for the help.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with my prestashop store recently. When I access the website form Chrome, I can't change the default currency "lei" to euro or dollar, but it works with Microsoft Edge for example. I didn't change anything about the store or the theme recently, and last time I checked it was working fine (online for 3 years). This is the website www.echipamentengm.ro. I looked on the other posts but I couldn't find something relevant to solve my problem. Thanks in advance
  6. I upgraded from version 1.5.4 . I have a full backup of the site. I tried restoring from this backup using the server's own program (softaculos) but it isn't working. It does not copy all the files, but the backup contains them. I was afraid if deleting the hall site and manual upgrading from the backup ( copy - paste). It ia safe to do that? Will the database remain linked with the website? And will there be any problems because i dont install prestashop and only copy-paste the backup? Thanks for the answears so far
  7. Hi, I installed the lastest Prestashop version ( and had a probelm with missing files. My site right now is a mess. I've tried reparing the damage done but no hope. So my last idea is to install a clean prestashop 1.6 and link it to the old database, but i'm not sure how. And i would like to know how this affects the rest of the site tools like adwords, google indexing, e-mail servers and so on. I would like your opinion to know what to do, and if the clean install is the simplest way. And please help me to link the old database instead of the default database prestashop comes with. And how can i make a fresh prestashop 1.6 install.
  8. How do i configure the e-mail trough SMTP ? What should i write down in the fields?
  9. I configured the mail server so when someone send an e-mail to [email protected] it forwards the e-mail to [email protected] And the same happens when someone makes an order. It is forwarded to the gmail account.
  10. I am able, but i don't know what to write in . Could you please explain me how to fill out the fields.
  11. I use PHP mail function. This is what it says under Advanced Parameters > E-mail
  12. Hi, When a customer goes to Contact page, and sends a message, i can only see the message in BO. This is uncomfortable for us, because we regullary check the e-mail but not the BO. What i would like is to forward,redirect the message sent from the customer in contact page, to the e-mail we use ( in the same way we receive an e-mail notification for a new order. Thanks !
  13. If a Prestashop update will come, i will lose the modified Validate.php. Is there a way to save the modified .php files for future updates. Like the .css and .tpl files which you put in your custom theme directory.
  14. Thank you! It works perfectly! Vekia is there a way to change the validate.php file in themes so when i update the php file will preserve ? [sOLVED]
  15. Hi, On my shop i use active state for the top menu links. The code i use from neomps site works well, but i can't figure out how to make it work for the home button. The home button is a link assigned to HOME in top menu module. What i mean is that when you press a button from top menu like a product or cms page, the button remains colored different, only for the page you are currently viewing. And i want to do the same for the homepage, when a visitor clicks the logo, or the HOME button, and they are sent to the homepage the home button will be coloured different. Thanks for your time The link to my site : http://www.echipamentengm.ro I'm using prestashop version. PS: The site is in romanian so HOME = ACASA
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