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  1. I created a new php file without tpl file. My php file is: <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php'); $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_."grafica-pliante.tpl"); if(!isset($_GET['actiune'])) $_GET['actiune'] = ''; switch($_GET['actiune']){ case 'validare': function farafisier(){ if(!isset($_POST['nume'])) $_POST['nume'] = ''; if(!isset($_POST['telefon'])) $_POST['telefon'] = ''; if(!isset($_POST['email'])) $_POST['email'] = ''; ..... ... .... include(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php'); ?> In prestashop admin panel (seo&urls) i added my php file (metatile description and friendly url. Friedly url works but metatitle and description not works.my page title is show domain dame. Need help to chage metatitle and description..
  2. I added my php file in seo and urls but not working. When access grafica-pliante.php stil show same title (domain name). I removed the grafica-pliante.tpl and codded just in php..
  3. Thx, this resolve my problem but i have another...how to add a specific metatitle for new tpl page?
  4. Hy.. I created two file: grafica.php: <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php'); $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_."grafica-pliante.tpl"); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php'); ?> and grafica.tpl: <html> <body> fdsfds </body> </html> When go to grafica.php i see margin on the top. How to remove this marrgin...Here is my website www.printpliante.ro and the new page (when the margin top is) www.printpliante.ro/grafica-pliante.php
  5. Am schimbat cu ceva timp in urma meta titlu pentru pagina index din seo & urls in care am pus si adresa domeniu.ro. Acum doua zile am schimbat iar titlu si descrierea. Din titlu am scos domeniu.ro. Pagina index a fost actualizata in google numai ca fraza domeniu.ro persista. Cum pot scoate aceasta fraza? ma gandeam ca poate nu sa stars din tabelul mysql
  6. Am modificat in productcontroller.php astfel incat sa pot uploada fisiere pdf, psd, cdr..etc. Am scos din cod conditiile: daca este poza, daca a fost redimensionata si daca poza mica exista. Am ramas cu functia asta: public function pictureUpload(Product $product, Cart $cart) { if (!$fieldIds = $this->product->getCustomizationFieldIds()) return false; $authorizedFileFields = array(); foreach ($fieldIds as $fieldId) if ($fieldId['type'] == _CUSTOMIZE_FILE_) $authorizedFileFields[(int)($fieldId['id_customization_field'])] = 'file'.(int)($fieldId['id_customization_field']); $indexes = array_flip($authorizedFileFields); foreach ($_FILES as $fieldName => $file) if (in_array($fieldName, $authorizedFileFields) && isset($file['tmp_name']) && !empty($file['tmp_name'])) { $fileName = time().'_'.$file['name']; if ($error = checkImage($file, (int)(Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCT_PICTURE_MAX_SIZE')))) $this->errors[] = $error; $fisier = _PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$fileName; if (file_exists($fisier)) $mesaj = ""; $mesaj = 'Fisierul a fost incarcat cu succes'; if ($error OR (!$tmpName = $file['name'] OR !move_uploaded_file($file['tmp_name'], $tmpName))) return false; /* Original file */ elseif (!copy($tmpName, _PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$fileName)) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred during the image upload.'); /* A smaller one */ else $cart->addPictureToProduct((int)($this->product->id), $indexes[$fieldName], $fileName); unlink($tmpName); Imi uploadeaza fisierele care le vreau numai ca atunci cand adaug in cos si fisierul si produsul in cos, nu mai pot sa sterg din cos decat fisierul..nu si produsul. Ca sa sterg produsul trebuie sa inchid browserul si sai dau cu ccleaner. Eu m-am uitat la $cart->addPictureToProduct((int)($this->product->id), $indexes[$fieldName], $fileName); . Daca sterg codul asta pot sa sterg produsul dar nu imi mai apare fisierul nici in cos nici in panoul de admin. Aveti vreo idee cum as putea adauga in cos decat numele fisierului? (sa pot apoi sa stiu ce a incarcat fiecare client)
  7. Am scos tot codul asta: $(document).ready(function() { //init the serialScroll for thumbs $('#thumbs_list').serialScroll({ items:'li:visible', prev:'a#view_scroll_left', next:'a#view_scroll_right', axis:'x', offset:0, start:0, stop:true, onBefore:serialScrollFixLock, duration:700, step: 2, lazy: true, lock: false, force:false, cycle:false }); $('#thumbs_list').trigger('goto', 1);// SerialScroll Bug on goto 0 ? $('#thumbs_list').trigger('goto', 0); //hover 'other views' images management $('#views_block li a').hover( function(){displayImage($(this));}, function(){} ); //set jqZoom parameters if needed if (typeof(jqZoomEnabled) != 'undefined' && jqZoomEnabled) { $('img.jqzoom').jqueryzoom({ xzoom: 200, //zooming div default width(default width value is 200) yzoom: 200, //zooming div default width(default height value is 200) offset: 21 //zooming div default offset(default offset value is 10) //position: "right" //zooming div position(default position value is "right") }); } //add a link on the span 'view full size' and on the big image $('span#view_full_size, div#image-block img').click(function(){ $('#views_block li a.shown').click(); }); //catch the click on the "more infos" button at the top of the page $('div#short_description_block p a.button').click(function(){ $('#more_info_tab_more_info').click(); $.scrollTo( '#more_info_tabs', 1200 ); }); // Hide the customization submit button and display some message $('p#customizedDatas input').click(function() { input_save_customized_datas = $('p#customizedDatas').html(); $('p#customizedDatas input').hide(); $('#ajax-loader').fadeIn(); $('p#customizedDatas').append(uploading_in_progress); }); //init the price in relation of the selected attributes if (typeof productHasAttributes != 'undefined' && productHasAttributes) findCombination(true); else if (typeof productHasAttributes != 'undefined' && !productHasAttributes) refreshProductImages(0); // $('a#resetImages').click(function() { updateColorSelect(0); }); $('.thickbox').fancybox({ 'hideOnContentClick': true, 'transitionIn' : 'elastic', 'transitionOut' : 'elastic' }); }); Merg toate..pretul se modifica categoriile apar, in schimb nu stiu ce facea codul de mai sus
  8. Am inteles partea proasta e ca tema care o am zice in descriere ca functioneaza pe prestashop
  9. Multumesc...functioneaza..editez: Daca stertg codul : $(document).ready(function() { //init the serialScroll for thumbs $('#thumbs_list').serialScroll({ items:'li:visible', prev:'a#view_scroll_left', next:'a#view_scroll_right', axis:'x', offset:0, start:0, .... lazy: true, lock: false, force:false, cycle:false }); $('#thumbs_list').trigger('goto', 1);// SerialScroll Bug on goto 0 ? $('#thumbs_list').trigger('goto', 0); Imi apare categoria numai ca in descriere produs am si o optiune dropdown in care pretul produsului este modificat in functie de ce este selectat in aceasta lista de optiuni. Daca sterg codul de mai sus pretul nu se mai modifica.
  10. Este o tema cumparata de pe templatemonster. Link-ul este www.printpliante.ro
  11. Cand intru intro descriere a produsului linkurile din categorii imi dispar. Cum pot face sa imi ramana vizibile si cand este vizualizat un produs. Folosesc prestashop
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