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  1. Nina you don't have to get rid of your google analytics! Here (http://www.civicuk.com/cookie-law/deployment#functions) is an example how to add and call an analytics function Try it out, it should work!
  2. Hi Nina, no problem but as i said, don't take me by the word, because i'm not sure if i understood it right i hope the people who will check our sites will understand it like i do, else we have a problem I hope i can give you the right answers. 1. Prestashop has it's own analitics, yes. And if you remove google analitics you don't need the approval for it, because you won't have it anymore. Our store saves only 1 cookie (the prestashop cookie) which is in my opinion for registration, cart and i don't know what else. Does anybody know anything more about it? 2. About facebook...i have no clue, sorry :/ we just have the like box (a module for prestashop) and it saves cookies only when you click on like or the link to our fb page. So that's why i understand, that we don't need approval, because it is not our site who sends the cookies automatically. 3. If the only cookies your page saves are the one from ps and analitics, then yes. I tried to check cookies on your site with cookie-checker, but it only gets me errors :/ but when i visit your site i only get the prestashop and the google analitics cookie, so i guess, if you remove analitics you only have the ps cookie left. 4. as to your next question...on slotech someone gave a link to another cookie check site, but it didn't work for me... we sent an email to www.3arh.com and they sent us an cookie analyse for our site. Try that. I hope you will get an answer, because it's already friday and almost 2 o'clock.. 5 and 6. Again i don't know, sorry. I read something about iframes on slotech (https://slo-tech.com/forum/t567170/0), but can't remember what it was i know it's a lot to read, but most of the people there, more or less, know what they are talking about, so i would recommend you to read trough it and maybe ask them Tasos, thanks for the link i didn't read i yet, 'cause i had too much work but i read the slovenian guidance book 3 times and it was no fun hehe Our store is www.ups2buy.com if you want to see what we did (so nothing lol except the cookie privacy page) and what we wrote. Oh Nina, if you want you can give me your email and i will send you our cookbook, 'cause i don't know where to find it, but you can also try to google it
  3. I'm checking sites for about 2 weeks now Most of them don't have anything or they don't have the "right" solution, because cookies are stored either way.. I think i figured that the civic module does work, but you have to change some settings for google analytics or add them, i'm not sure! When i checked another script (silktide) there was explained that some changes have to be made, your google analytics key or something like that inserted, that everything works like it should, maybe it is the same with civic. We don't use analytics so i didn't go further into this. About facebook..we have the facebook plugin like you tasos and it DOESN'T save any cookies when you visit our page, or yours, or any page with the plugin. It saves cookies when you click the like button or the link to the facebook page. Beacuse this is a 3rd party request not a 3rd party cookie and it is not saved by the page that has the plugin, but from facebook itself, when a new window is opened (if you are not logged in a new window opens). Well our "cookbook" doesn't say anything about 3rd party requests or at least i didn't find anything useful..but it says that facebook can "follow" registered users (for that you don't need approve, because you approve when you accept the facebook policy), but not users that are not registered on facebook. If i understand that right, if i use facebook there should be no problem, when i don't use it and that means i'm not logged in, a new window opens and cookies are stored from the new facebook window and this is not my problem anymore. Don't take me by the words, because it can be, that i didn't understand it right I didn't find anything useful about links to other pages..some say that this is not the problem of the site that has the link, i hope this is right, but as i said, i checked many sites and it works like this... I also send a request to a company that offers cookie analyse for free and the result was, that we have just that 1 cookie (from prestashop) for which you don't need approve. But in any case you have to add a cookies policy page! I hope i could help you and i really hope this is ok, else we all are screwed hehe Oh and another thing..many company's offer solutions (expensive solutions) that should be ok, but when you read the law i don't think that they really are ok..we all are getting grey hair with this law, 'cause no one really knows what is right and what they want...some say it is ok like this some say it is not
  4. Well i read the "cookbook" 3 times and it says that cookies that are necessary are allowed and in my opinion prestashop creates just that 1 cookie that is necessary, that the shop works properly.. but i'm still not sure if it is ok or not, because the "cookbook" and our law do not match entirely.. the script that silktide (http://silktide.com/cookieconsent) offers is nice, but has to be modified (just a few things) to match our law. That's my problem because i don't have a clue about this things I tried a few things, but couldn't modify everything. presta666 we have our own forum now, if you are interested http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/231183-pomoc-za-slovenske-uporabnike-prestashop/
  5. Hello shacker, your module is great! It's the only one i found this far, which corresponds to our law. There is only one thing i have to insert and didn't get to work like i want to..we must have a cookie information/policy link or button that opens the visitor a new page or pdf with our cookie policy. I managed to put in a button that opens a privacy page in the background of the module and the user can scroll up and down, but when he accepts cookies and then goes anywhere on our store the module appears again an he has to accept cookies again. Do you have any idea how i can do this, that this doesn't happen? Oh and one more thing..is there an option that i can insert an "change settings" button? Our law demands that the user can change the settings, if he wants to. Thanks in advance for your answer! Greetings, Sasha
  6. Yes, the "hacking" isn't that hard. But i figured out, that it saves cookies (for example google analitics, facebook) even if it is set to explicit if cookies are allowed and you then turn them off, it deletes some, but not all. I'm not sure if this is good enough for our law..i really liked cookie control, but it seems that i have to find another solution
  7. Thank you for your quick reply! I don't mind their link. Just wanted to know, if all the options you have are available in the free version The only thing i HAVE to change is the text on the buttons..it has to be in slovenian.. btw your site looks awesome!
  8. hi tasoschr, that's a great tool you found there! Thank you for the info One question..do you use the free or the paid version?
  9. Well that's ok, i just removed it and problem solved thanks again
  10. Great plugin, works perfect! Thank you! I have one question..is it possible to change the color of the background (where it says: find us on facebook) from light blue to another color?
  11. Ja hab denen jetzt geschrieben, dass ich wenigstens ne Antwort erwartet habe und hab sie dann auch bekommen. Ich hoffe es wird jetzt was daraus
  12. Hab mich beworben (ich bin der Meinung, dass ich alle Informationen angegeben habe) und bis heute noch keine Antwort bekommen. Anderen, die sich während der Zeit auch beworben haben, haben sie wenigstens geantwortet, dass was fehlt bzw. dass sie die Regeln nochmal durchlesen sollen, mir aber nichts.. Beim Provider werde ich wahrscheinlich nicht viel erreichen. Werde es dann noch bei project.honeypot versuchen. Wiedermal danke
  13. Muß sagen, dass ich von Bot-Trap echt enttäuscht bin! Bekomme von denen gar keine Antwort und muss mir jetzt anscheinend was anderes einfallen lassen.
  14. Also alles was verschiedene Schnüfler auf keinen Fall sehen sollen besser ganz auslassen (aus der robots.txt). Nochmals danke für deine Tipps
  15. Hab mich falsch ausgedrückt, sorry. Ich meinte z.B. was mann schreiben muss um ins Backoffice zu kommen (es wird ja empfohlen ,dass man das Original "/admin" oder wie es war, kann mich nicht erinnern, umbennent also in z.B. /gehtdichnichtsan um ins Backoffice zu kommen). Und weil ich ja nicht will, dass google www.meineseite.com/gehtdichnichtsan anzeigt, hab ich das in robots.txt eingeschrieben. Hab nur ein Projekt
  16. Danke! Werde das gleich machen! Noch eine Frage. Jemand hat geschrieben, dass es nicht zu empfehlen ist die php Seiten (z.B. die umbenannten phpMyAdmin) in robots.txt hineinzufügen, weil sie dort zu auffällig sein, sondern sie über ACL zu sichern. Wäre das eine bessere Option? Kann mich nicht ins Forum registrieren Hat das vielleicht was damit zu tun, dass ich nich aus Deutschland bin? Ok hab ne andere E-mail genommen und jetzt geht's Mit Gmail funktioniert es anscheinend nicht..
  17. Ich hoffe ich schreibe ins richtige Forum ansonsten bitte ich die Admine, dass sie es verschieben. Am Freitag haben wir unseren Shop online gestellt und heute morgen waren im error und access log zMeU Attacken zu finden (w00tw00t.at.blackhats.romanian.anti-sec). Hatte schon jemand das gleiche Problem? Ich habe zwar schon auf Google nach einer Lösung gesucht und ein paar Optionen gefunden. Eine davon wäre fail2ban einzurichten, aber wenn ich das richtig verstehe, blockiert der die IPs, die sowieso immer wieder geändert werden... In den Logs stand neben den Versuchen 404 1000, was "page not found" geben sollte, oder? Der Shop scheinte auch normal zu funktionieren, aber wenn mann auf eine Produktkategorie klicken wollte, wurde die Seite nicht gefunden und bei der Adresse zur Seite fehlte der Shop link (da stand also nur category.php/?id_category=2). Irgendwelche Ideen? Wäre echt dankbar! Wir benutzen Prestashop 1.4.6
  18. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort! Bin jetzt echt enttäuscht kann man, aber leider nichts machen. Hatte gerade ne Idee wie wir das für's erste lösen können und ich werde jemanden kontaktieren, der verschieden Module für PS entwirft und PS konfiguriert usw. Villeicht kann der uns ja ein Modul dafür herzaubern
  19. Hallo! Ich bin auf ein Problem gestoßen, dass ich leider nicht selber lösen kann, und zwar möchten wir unter anderem Produkte verkaufen, die wegen Größe und Gewicht nur einzeln verschickt werden können. Wenn der Kunde also nur 1 Produkt bestellt ist das kein Problem, aber wenn er mehrere bestellen möchte, werden die Kosten nicht für jede einzelne Lieferung zusammen addiert, sondern nach der Tabelle wie viel alles zusammen wiegt.. Beispiel: Produkt A wiegt 20kg und hat folgende Maße: 70x50x100 Bei GLS ist das max Gewicht zwar 50kg ABER die max Maße sind 80x60x200 also muß jedes Produkt einzeln verschickt werden. Der Preis für ein Paket bis 30kg ins Ausland ist um die 17€ bis 50kg ungefähr 20€. Prestashop berechnet den Preis nach dem Gewicht, was für uns nicht in Frage kommt (auch nach Preis kommt nicht in Frage, weil nicht alle "teuren" Produkte so groß und schwer sind), weil wir sonst bei einer Bestellung von 2 Produkten schon 14€ ins Minus gehen, bei 3, 4 oder mehr Produkten ist der Verlust noch viel höher... Die Preise sind natürlich auch nicht für alle Länder gleich, deswegen kann ich auch nicht einen festgelegten Zuschlag einstellen Weiß vielleicht jemand, ob und wie man einstellen kann, dass bei solchen Produkten (die ins Ausland verschickt werden), bei der Rechnung für jedes einzelne Produkt auch der Versand für jedes einzelne Produkt berechnet wird? Hab auch schon bei den Add-ons nachgeschaut, aber leider nichts passendes gefunden, oder ich habe es übersehn Achso noch was..wenn das Gewicht 50kg übertrifft (wir haben 50kg eingestellt) wird GLS bei den Lieferanten nicht mehr angezeigt..das selbe passiert wenn die Maße übertroffen werden.. Ich bedanke mich schon im Vorraus für eure Mühe und Antworten MFG, Sasha Wir verwenden PS
  20. No, i'm not aware how to do it. I'm totally new to prestashop and online stores and all that stuff. i know that the manual upgrade would be best, but as i said, i'm new to this and it will take some time before i can try it.. And that's why i am seeking help right here right now.
  21. thanks for your reply I thought it wont be that easy.. I had another idea. If i upgrade 1.4.6 to 1.5 and the information were transferred properly, I can copy them to a new 1.5 install. would it work that way? A module would be great!
  22. Hi! We want to open an online store and for now we tested PrestaShop 1.4.6, which worked fine, but we need 1.5, because of some features. We tested it and it is not working that well yet, so we decided to put our store online with 1.4.6 and wait for some time until installing 1.5. My question is: Can we transfer the user information from 1.4.6 to 1.5? (Users that already registered) We don't want to upgrade 1.4.6, i will make a clean install with everything from the scratch. And we need to put our store online now, cause it's already taking too much time. Thanks in advance for your help
  23. Wow it's really nice! I just don't like the language buttons, the colour doesn't fit the layout
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