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  1. Hi I'm getting this error in the customer message box of the order email notification - Eway Response ID: 00Warning : the secure key is empty, check your payment account before validation This only happens if a customer does not leave a message. The orders are still being processed ok but wondered if there is a fix or if it is alerting to some kind of security risk? Thanks BTW using
  2. me 3, were you able to come up with a way to mass update combinations? The free mass update module is good for mass updating stock on products with no combinations but does not give the granular control required.....
  3. Hi I'm using version I want to be able to see the stock levels for all of my products on one screen, I have created a category with all products listed but the product levels on products with combinations isn't specified (just the overall level of the product) is there a way of showing each product combination's stock level on the same page as the products listed in a category in the back office. Alternatively is there a tool that can do this for me? Thanks
  4. I solved it by reverting back to 1.4 I'm going to start again with a fresh installation of 1.5 and see if I can pinpoint when it starts doing this....
  5. Hi I'm on (all attempts at updating to have been unsuccessful so I'm on my nice stable ) I have set up the mail module to deliver a notification if a product's stock get's below 6. I have tried some test purchases of products that have less than this amount but am not receiving an inventory alert. However I am getting the order alert. Any ideas why I'm not getting the inventory alert? Thanks G
  6. ok I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact I've imported my products via csv from the old prestashop. I created new product to test and it can be added to the cart when using firefox but not ie. Could I have done something to cause this....?
  7. Hi I was finding it too hard to update from to the latest so I've installed into a subdirectory on a new server. I've installed my theme...worked I've imported a csv file of my products which has worked. Now I've gone to add to cart and nothing adds to cart Also in firefox the checkout button isn't there.(is in ie and safari) Any ideas? Thanks good ppl
  8. Ok, I have an idea. I have copied the current install from the root folder into a subdirectory. Maybe the autoupgrade will work from there because the unwriteable system file that's causing the autoupgrade issue is located in the root. So I've changed the __PS_BASE_URI__’ in the subdirectory to the subdirectory name. Thing is if I try to open the copied shop's url it just redirects to the root shop (in firefox but in ie page won't even load) Is there something I need to do to get the subdirectory installation to work? BTW I am now doing this with not hoping for some ideas thanks
  9. Hello I'm trying to upgrade from to I'm trying to manually upgrade due to the autoupgrade not working as my server root has system files that do not allow permissions to be changed on....grrr So I'm following instructions at http://doc.prestasho...ting+PrestaShop I am at the stage where I've uploaded the update to a new directory and deleted the install file. The settings file define(‘__PS_BASE_URI__’, ‘/’) is pointing at the new directory. Now when I try to open the url ie www.mysite.com/newupgrade I get: The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. If I try to login ie it now tells me ie www.mysite.com/newupgrade/adminnew/login.php I get: SSL is activated. Please connect using the following url to log in in secure mode (https). I don't use ssl on the un-upgraded site and it's not activated in preferences. There are also no ssl certificates generated on my server. So I'm stuck : / Any ideas would be much appreciated Thanks
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