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  1. This is still a big issue since all my customers who use bank trasnfer get an e-mail stating that something has gone wrong with their payment
  2. Hello, his error most likely had nothing to do with the SHA1-sign (solution suggested by DesignHaus42) I am currently using Prestashop 1.5.3 with the Ogone plugin 2.4 (latest) and it still has this bug. When people pay by using bank transfer, the status changed to "Payment Error" rather then "Pending Payment". All other payment methods work just fine. Is there any solution to this problem?
  3. Anyone? Being able to allow the commenter to share his comment on facebook would also be possible this way.
  4. I am sorry to digg up this old thread but i do have the same issue. How can we split "one page checkout" and "shopping cart" into two sepperate pages? So the order process becomes like this: product > shopping cart > checkout rather then this: product > shopping cart & checkout I have searched for a solution on and off the forum and can't find anything. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I am looking for this also, can't seem to find info on it anywhere. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thank you very much! It lowered my homepage loading time from 5.26s to 3.91s!
  7. Hi, How could i add a thank you note in the thickbox popup (using the standard Product Comments module v2.3) after a comment has been submitted? In the standard module there is no way the user can see that they're comment has been submitted or not. Help would be greatly appreciated! Greetings, Laurent
  8. We have upgrade our webshop to 1.5.3 and are trying to install Jirafe so we can give it a try. We are currently using Jirafe v1.2 downloaded from the Jirafe website. This is what we are getting when trying to install: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module jirafe: Call to undefined method Jirafe_Api_Collection_Applications::resources() How can we solve this? Greetings, Laurent
  9. Anyone? My webshop is www.koffietmolentje.be and it doesn't seem to happen to anyone, only some people get product does not exist.
  10. I also have the same problem and it's been quite a while now without knowing so. I really tought it was fixed but clients seem to experience the same problem. I don't have a Twitter plugin and when i put cache off it still happens, however it only happens for products with a variation and every variation does have stock. How can i fix this? I need help with this really bad :-s
  11. It does not load all static content when using media servers, only partial
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