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  1. Hi again! Do you know how i mark this thread [sOLVED]?
  2. Ok- you have brought some light into this. Thank you!
  3. Hi Nemo! Thanks for digging in. I see. I suppose the shop id is in the variable $id_shop? Do you know where that variable is set?
  4. Hi! I am not very well versed with the MVC- concept so I may be putting some terms wrong here. Feel free to correct me. If i have a number of shops on multistore mode (eg. 1,2,3 etc.) all the products are stored in the same tables in the database. Now say that I am looking at the front end of STORE 2. I can only see the products that have been added to associated to STORE 2. So far so good. The question is: in what file can I find the code that queries/filters away the products from other stores? Best regards, Lars
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