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  1. Yo. there is a VCS module I've put up in another thread....that you can use. It's been working on a 1.3.1 install fine for 3 months now....please see here... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/65315/third_party_modules/credit_card_gateway_south_africa_that_works_with_prestashop
  2. It was working on 1.2.5. I had some issues with it when upgrading to 1.3.1 so rewrote it a bit to resolve that. I'm not sure if that broke anything when running on 1.2.5. all I can say is just install and test and please let me know if you do find a bug, I'll endeavour to fix it.. I'm not sure about Netcash Rates, but VCS offer a piggyback service where you don't require a merchant account. They give you a virtual terminal and then pay you out each month... the details of that are... The Virtual Merchant fee structure Setup fee: R 295.00 Commission: 6% per transaction Refunds: R 1.00 Minimum monthly: R 145.00 excluding VAT Collection of fees: via debit order between the 3rd and 5th of the month. NB – This might not coincide with payments for transactions. Settlement: 90% with 10% retention of 60 days – deposits made at beginning and middle of the month. Transactions processed in the first half of the month will be paid at the beginning of the next month and those in the second half during the middle of the next month. Best Jon
  3. Hi Guys. Here is a module I wrote for integration with VCS (Virtual Card Services), that has been working fine on a live store in South Africa for about 3 months now. I can't make any warranties about this code so please Test it before going live with it, and if you find any bugs let me know. Module is running on Prestashop 1.3.1 Best Jon vcs.zip
  4. Hey Man...if your downloads are working properly, size shoudln't be a problem I dont think....That method of redirecting above works on symlinking a file on a *nix box, not via outputting the file through the buffer...So you don't get memory_limit or script execution time issues, or you shouldn't. This only works properly on *nix systems due to the symlinking though. On a windows host it would go back to the old way of doing things... Best Jon
  5. Ok So re that whole readfile thing , I can't deal with the server running out of memory , script timeouts etc, so I rejigged the get-file.php file using some os-commerce code so that if you're on a linux , unix system you can take advantage of symlinks ... feel free to use if you want... File : settings.inc.php define('DOWNLOAD_BY_REDIRECT', 'true'); define('_PS_TEMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR_', 'full file path to a temp download directory modded 777 here'); define('_PS_TEMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR_URL', 'full url to temp download directory modded 777 here');
  6. Further, I see you guys are using readfile() to buffer the file to output? Surely this is going to cause issues with large downloads (multiple people downloading)? Script execution time, memory limit problems?
  7. Hey Guys So I was using Prestashop 1.2.5 to develop a site and everything was working great, including downloading products in all browsers. When I upgraded to 1.3.1 , my digital product downloads would work fine in safari, but not in firefox or chrome. I would get a page not found error. After digging around in get-file.php i figured out that what was causing that to happen was including include(dirname(__FILE__).'/init.php'); ini.php... looking around in init.php i found that turning on output buffering in there ob_start(); was causing the download not to launch discarding the buffer directly below the include in get-file.php , i.e. the code below solved that and now my product downloads launch again, but my question is, what's changed since 1.2.5 to cause this behaviour. or do I have something screwed on my server? or is it a bug... New Code top of get-file.php: include(dirname(__FILE__).'/init.php'); ob_end_clean();
  8. Yo That code above wasn't quite finished. I've finished the code, but I just need to test more extensively before I put it up, and at the mo in the middle of a big job for some guys in Singapore. But as soon as thats done and I've checked that it works properly I'll put the code up here for sure...
  9. Ok I think I've surmounted this now....here is the code for anyone who wants to to check it out vcs.zip
  10. Hi. I'm in the process of writing a module to integrate with VCS services in South Africa. I can hand off to the gateway fine but am rather unsure of what callback URL to use. It's a 3rd party credit card processing site, and unlike paypal it doesn't process requests asynchronously...by that I mean it either fails or approves and then calls back to the callback URL At the moment I'm asking it to call back to validation.php in the module and it validates the order fine and I get the email. However I'd like to know how to display the order with a thank you message confirming that it was successful (the order) or a failure, and I'm not quite sure how to do that from validation.php. Is there a standard order confirmation page that lists order details and thanks the user for their order that I need to redirect to? do I need to write a template handling the success of the order. I'm a bit stuck here and I'd really appreciate any advice. My code is attached. Kind Regards Jon vcs.zip
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