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  1. I tried it few hours ago, without success 😕
  2. It's just a white page with small letters "Fatal error" 😕 I tried to uninstall it too, but I'm getting the same error: Could not perform action Uninstall for module undefined. Debug is on, but no additional error is found. I can't check the servers logs or I don't know how to 😕
  3. Hi Sakgiok, You module looks great, thank you for it, but I have one problem. In the module settings I'm seeing the message: COD product was not found in database. Use the button to recreate it. (Product ID: 0) When I click "Reset COD product" I just get fatal error 😕 P.S. I tried to reset the module too, but I'm getting an error: Could not perform action reset for module undefined
  4. Thank You for the module update! Is there any chance to make it work for 1 category? The old solution is not working with the new version (there are no such lines). if (!AgeVerificationDb::checkByToken(Tools::getToken())) { Replace with if (!AgeVerificationDb::checkByToken(Tools::getToken()) && (int)Tools::getValue("id_category") == YOUR_CATEGORY_ID) {
  5. Hi, Thank You for Your thoughts! Yes, I uploaded the file bellow admin directory. Right now I'm getting the message: 404 Not Found nginx/1.14.2 It will try to ask our server admin. Maybe it needs additional configuration from the server. UPDATE: The problem was with our server, Your solutions work great with PHP 7.3, thank You
  6. Hello! First of all, thank You for the module! I was looking for something like this for a long time But I have a big problem. I applied Your solution for 1 category, but the problem is, that the page is not working properly in other categories. My mega_menu is not working. When You select the category it should show all the sub-menu, but it's not working in other pages, it shows nothing (the mega_menu works, in the page id=x, where I confirmed my age). 😕
  7. Hello! It seems like a great module, but I have a problem with Prestashop (PHP version PHP/7.3.0RC5). I transferred all the files, but I'm getting just a white page when trying to reach it, no errors 😕 Does Your solution work with Prestashop 😕
  8. Problem solved! Since all other carriers were working by default, I did not think to look it at there... Thank You for the module and Your help!
  9. I tried to change the Prestashop DB and set "0" in the Carrier table, "is module" row, but this did not help
  10. It's our local courier "Omniva" and their module. The test results are: Condition passed validation. Calculating fee... Fixed fee of 1,50 EUR applied Contition's integration way is add to carrier's fee. Contition's tax for COD product is LT Standard Rate (21%). Fee calculated from this condition: 1,50 EUR But in the cart, there is no option to choose this payment with this courier 😕 My store is. www.miestomada.lt , if You have time to check it
  11. Thank You for the module! It looks very simple to use. It's sad that it's not working properly 😕 I can't make it work with the courier I need. I can see this courier in the "Courier list" tab, but it's not working. This courier is created automatically by an external module, I believe that cause the problems 😕 Prestashop Version:
  12. Hello, I'm having the same problem in 2018 and Prestashop 1.60. Thousands of duplicate URL with the end "i?%2525253Fp=2" No one solved it?
  13. musicmaster, Thank You! It's amazing! I had to spend 100+ hours working hard with CSV export, then edit and import. Every mass change was like a torture - until now!
  14. Hello prestamonste! Your answer was not completely accurate, but gave a hint. Thank you There were needed more changes in the code. This code shows product ID instead of reference number: <div class="feature_line" id="product" {$product->id|intval}><span class="feature_line_left">{l s='Product code'}:</span><span class="feature_line_right" itemprop="sku">{$product->id|intval}</span></div>
  15. Hi everyone! Right now Prestashop shows product reference on the product front page: <div class="feature_line" id="product_reference" {if isset($groups) OR !$product->reference}style="display: none;overflow: hidden;"{else}style="overflow: hidden;"{/if}><span class="feature_line_left">{l s='Product code'}:</span><span class="feature_line_right" itemprop="sku">{$product->reference|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</span></div> How can I change it, in order to show product id (numbers)? I tried for 2 hours with no success :/ I'm editing product_tpl file.
  16. Hey Kaper, I'am looking for a way to add product URL into other templates for a few weeks too. Maybe You already found a solution?
  17. Hello, Is there a chance to show our shop name, instead of Your system number? I would like to send the messages in Latvia and Estonia.
  18. Hello everyone! I'am using the module "productscategory" which shows other products in the same category in the product page. The problem is, that the module shows the oldest products. I would like to change that and show the newest product. I wonder is there any way to do that? I believe, it requires changes in these lines: // Get positions $middle_position = (int)round($nb_category_products / 2, 0); $product_position = $this->getCurrentProduct($category_products, (int)$id_product);
  19. I'am not an expert, but the query I wrote before totally does the job (if you want to take the product name and replace image caption with it). Is that what you want?
  20. Thank you for the answer. The problem is that I do not have the knowledge to edit the "controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php". Maybe someone knows how to expand the import possibilities?
  21. Hello, I'am looking for a way to export the data I need in the CSV file, for data import into another store. With this query and the table (ac.id_product_2) I am getting the product accessories ID, but for import I have to get the product accessories reference (because in another store, the same product has different ID but the same reference) Is there a way to replace the accessories ID, with product reference? It is my first Mysql query, I don't know if it is possible. SELECT pl.name, p.reference, p.mcompleted, pl.description_short, pl.meta_title, pl.link_rewrite, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT ac.id_product_2) FROM ps_product p INNER JOIN ps_product_lang pl ON (p.id_product = pl.id_product) INNER JOIN ps_stock_available s ON (p.id_product = s.id_product) INNER JOIN ps_accessory ac ON (ac.id_product_1 = p.id_product) WHERE pl.id_lang = 2 AND p.active = 1 AND s.quantity > 0 AND p.id_product > 35000 AND p.mcompleted = 1 GROUP BY p.id_product Best regards
  22. Hello, I already created the SQL query to select all the product and their accessories, but now I can't find any information about expanding Prestashop CSV import. Is there any chance to expand Prestashop CSV import, to import all the product accessories? Best Regards
  23. This query works for me UPDATE ps_image_lang AS l INNER JOIN ps_image AS i ON (i.id_image = l.id_image) INNER JOIN ps_product_lang AS pl ON (pl.id_product = i.id_product) SET l.legend = pl.name WHERE l.id_lang = 2 AND pl.id_lang = 2
  24. Hello, thanks for the module! I was looking for this function for a few weeks However, I still have a problem with popup after adding the product to cart. The amount left until free shipping is not changing. ( http://prntscr.com/ddycdl ) Free shipping starts at 60 €, after adding the product to cart, the amount in the text is incorrect. It should show 24,09 €. I changed the ajax-cart in my theme. What else could I do?
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