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  1. Hi,


    I encounter this error while installing on localhost (clean install):

    SQL error on query Can't create table 'ps_configuration' (errno: 22)


    I tried again and then it happened again with err 22, but with another table.


    Also, it seems installation is slow and harddisk keeps on running.


    Anyone else with issue installing to localhost? Thanks/


    XAMPP 1.8.0 / PHP: 5.4.4

    Windows 7

  2. webplus, I absolutely agree with you there.


    Even if I don't add custom image types or override the tpl files, my theme should be able to display the product image with the default image types and sizes.


    I just want to clone the default theme and make simple color changes for myself.... I don't want to be forced to override the module tpl files or create custom image types.

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  3. webplus,


    If this is a "feature" then it is not so convenient? Some of use would just like to copy the default theme and make a bit of color changes to the CSS.


    We expect it to work "seamlessly"... just copy the default theme and make a few CSS edits and it's good to go. Now we have to worry about the image settings and display in Internet Explorer.


    Anyway, there is still no official comment from the PrestaShop team on the bug report. :(

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  4. @Anat Kitithamrong, I think it is not the global.css because default theme is okay.




    If you copy files from the default theme and rename it (example: default2) and activate this new theme, the product images will not be displayed in IE9.


    Meaning, even a theme with the EXACT same files with default theme will have problem. Strange.


    I think the problem is not in the theme files. It is in the module or core files.


    Please see the bug report here and make comments or vote if possible, so that the developers may take notice sooner:


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  5. It's still the same problem with PrestaShop Only the default theme works properly.


    For all custom themes, the product images do not have height and width defined in the html, like this >>> height="" width=""


    This happens to ALL browsers. Other browsers still display the images even with this error, but IE9 displays as zero height/width.


    A bug report already created here. Maybe you guys want to add your comment:


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  6. This blocktopmenu seems to be constucted diferrently from other blocks. I would like to skin it a bit in my own theme.


    I can't seem to edit the CSS in my own theme. For example, I can't override the original CSS this way:




    Is there a way to override the original CSS and images for the blocktopmenu in my own theme? Instead of editing the original files.





    Even the normal way of editing the tpl file doesnt work:



    Is there no way to override the blocktopmenu??





  7. I purchased the pres2a theme, which works well, but the categories don't display anywhere on the front page.


    What is the best way to display them on the home page?


    I'm using v1.4.4.0





    There is a menu bar with links at the top, you should be able to replace those links with links to your categories pages or any page... there should be a readme file included?



    Or you should be able to edit the theme file to display the normal left/right columns on the home page (contact the developer on how to edit the theme file)

  8. This is probably because you are using different theme version which is not compatible with your PrestaShop version. The developer of the theme should be able to provide correct version of the theme for you.

    As a note for other users, make sure you use a theme which is compatible with the PrestaShop version you have. (For example, themes for PrestaShop 1.3 may not work properly in PrestaShop 1.2)

  9. Hi,

    I added some links in the header.tpl file. Example:

    <a href="http://www.somedomain.com">{l s='Some text'}</a>

    When I change to French, it still displays as "Some text"

    How do I make the text change to French (or other language) when the user changes the language?

    Can I add to the \themes\mytheme\lang\fr.php file?


    PS: I use French as example because the default installation comes with French language.

    I hope there is no need to use the BO to change the database, as I prefer the theme to be portable to other server and run without needing to add the words in the BO again.

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