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  1. Att rätta den skulle ta minst 2-3 gånger så lång tid som att göra en ny från scratch. Jag skulle i princip kunna radera allt och börja om, men då kan jag ju lika gärna lägga upp min översättning här; I alla fall i teorin så kan det ju finnas de som är nöjda med hur den officiella översättningen ser ut. Bäst vore som Patrik säger om de kunde finnas någon form av kvalitetskontroll, då kunde man arbeta tillsammans på ett helt annat sätt. /Mats
  2. Kan vara att modulen är felbyggd. Jag har sett väldigt erfarna utvecklare missa följande För att koda så att text blir översättbar i modulerna använder man {l s='Text to translate' mod='modulnamn'} skippas mod-delen så dyker texten upp i translations i BO men översättningen funkar inte (hamnar antagligen i themes istf i modulen) /Mats
  3. Har du flera valutor, kolla att den förvalda har rate 1 /Mats
  4. Did the upgrade work in so that you managed to get the customers etc into the upgraded version? If so, you could export from the upgraded version, then make a new installation and import into that. Edit: Or, install a fresh 1.4.9 and import into that, then upgrade /Mats
  5. Height and width are not set, I have reported this as a bug. I solved it in my shop by hardcoding those values /Mats
  6. Try reseting the search module. Are you sure you didn't change anything? Perhaps a conflicting module? And just to verify, nothing strange in the search page in BO? /Mats
  7. No offence, but what is this? No problem description, no solution provided, subject not changed to include [sOLVED]. /Mats
  8. Long time since I used Word, but perhaps you could save as html first. I don't know, but perhaps that will make the table compatible. /Mats
  9. A little bit depending on what version you have, but... Check config/smarty.config.inc.php Check DB: prefix_shop_url If all looks good, try renaming .htaccess /Mats
  10. Just a clarification if others run into this: The problem was that the default currency wasn't set to 1. Please edit your first post and insert [sOLVED] into the title :-) /Mats
  11. Please edit your first post and insert [sOLVED] into the subject line if the problem is resolved :-) /Mats
  12. What tax rate do you have for the product(s)? Is 63 the price without tax? Did you use tax incl or tax excl when you added price impact +35? /Mats
  13. Is default language in localization/localization English? Change it. /Mats
  14. Happy to help. Please edit your first post and insert [sOLVED] into the title /Mats
  15. Changing php.ini works, I had made a typing mistake... /Mats
  16. Try changing width and padding in div.block ul I tried width:700px and padding:0 which gets you 4 items on a row, but needs more work for it to look good. It's a start, I hope /Mats
  17. It could also be a confucion of with/without tax prices /Mats
  18. My guess is that you'll need additional db fields for the new CMS block /Mats
  19. Tried updating php.ini with those (should be the same, but affect all stores?), also tried uploading the file and chmod 777, but same problem. What do you mean with files? /Mats
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