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  1. +1 ICI En detail ici. Suis heberge chez Cloudways. Tout allait bien avant l upgrade en ANYONE to help or figure out something? J ai essaye pas mal de choses lies au cache. Je l ai desactive dans le BO et aussi desactive Varnish par exemple. Aucun effet. Notice: Undefined index: default_on in /tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code on line 218 Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0003 247248 {main}( ) .../index.php:0 2 0.2764 4765048 DispatcherCore->dispatch( ) .../index.php:58 3 0.3956 7147824 ControllerCore->run( ) .../Dispatcher.php:367 4 1.0638 13357240 AdminProductsControllerCore->initContent( ) .../Controller.php:189 5 1.0638 13358768 AdminControllerCore->initContent( ) .../AdminProductsController.php:2517 6 11.9174 78077584 AdminProductsControllerCore->renderForm( ) .../AdminController.php:2011 7 11.9319 78436480 AdminProductsControllerCore->initFormQuantities( ) .../AdminProductsController.php:2894 8 11.9339 78446168 Smarty_Custom_Template->fetch( ) .../AdminProductsController.php:4630 9 11.9339 78450584 Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch( ) .../SmartyCustom.php:317 10 13.2934 78716552 content_55e6be48611e44_01843644( ) .../smarty_internal_templatebase.php:188
  2. Dear all, Thank you so much for this post and especially to keep him alive, updated. I have websites on production using and there is NO way I will update to 1.6 for the next 6 months. In fact I dont want to be the test quality of prestashop So because I decided to keep my good old , I have the flow of updates generated mainly to keep afloat the new 1.6. As you I am trapped because Prestashop didnt their responsibility to maintain the ascending compatibility with 1.5 and may assume everyone will move to a fresh release on production!! Thats just unbelievable and so irresponsible for people who do business with prestashop platform. This is a big thank you to keep us up to date on what module we can update on 1.5. You are life safers. Thank you.
  3. Same issue in here. I use multi shop for language purpose. 1 is in French the other one in English on 2 different domain names. When a user put a comment in english website it will show as well in the french one. That may be interesting in some case but we should be able to choose the sharing of thos comments between sites. Dear developer, any plan to include this on your roadmap?
  4. +1 Idem . Quelles sont les conséquences? Tout semble OK notamment au niveau des stocks...
  5. Thank you mopi. You make my day. It seems pretty tricky but definitely worth it. I just wonder on the next upgrade; Should I rollback the modifications before upgrade to newer versions? May be stupide question cause there is high pourcent of chance prestashop wont have fix it
  6. Bonjour Dodwan, j ai achete ton module et j ai une petite question. Comment faire pour que les mot clés ne soit pas visibles pour les utilisateurs? Merci
  7. Hi I just purchased your module and this seems unfornately not compatible with PS in Multistore mode. I choose your module for 1 main reason. SInce I open the multistore mode, I get all my pages indexed by google on 404 because I have only 1 language left (french). My second language was English and I unactivate it for my shop1. The shop2 will be in english (I didnt finish the setup, so the shop in another domain name isnt active). In the backoffice I can choose the activate english for shop2 and french for shop1. If I do that all page indexed by google like this: www.myshop1.com/fr/jewels will still be www.myshop1.com/fr/jewels and 404 occurs. In that case your script doesn't work. If I fully deactivate english for ALL shop's, this is ok, your script remove the /fr/ and route to the new url without the fr. Right now I deactivate for all shops until I open my shop2 next week. Do you have an quick fix for my case? Thank you.
  8. +1. When I cancel an order it shows a 404 When I go until the payment with a Paypal account it shows a blankpage. I don't know what is the behavior if I enter a credit card... Anyone can help with a temporary fix? This is really for me cause I have no other payment solution. Cheers
  9. Hi. Is Agile Mail Duplicator 1.0 compatible with PS 1.5.3? THank you. Mike
  10. +1 Same in here. I need to increase my "products per page" value to 64. This workaround isnt nice cause this is increasing load time and I want to add product. Prestashop experts any thoughts... Thanks
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yasinetm, rou are the man!!!!! Works for me as well. Thank you so much. All the previous advious hasnt any effect. You make my day man! Thank you so much. Mike
  12. +1 Same issue as everyone. Same symptoms. I also update from 1.5.2 to successfully. This is the only anomaly I detected so far. I bought a custom template and if I switch to default it will works. My support did a fresh install with and appply the custom template. In this case no issue. This problem seems to occurs with 2 factors: 1- Upgrade from 1.XXX to 2- Use whatever template which isnt the default one. Now I am using a workaround tryin avoid the category and show straight the CMS link but this is clean. Hope someone can have a fix. Cheers Mike
  13. Anyone as the same issue??!! Anybody from prestashop team in here????
  14. Hi all, I am unable to update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2. I used to update from to 1.5.1 using the module 1 click without trouble. Now on the same website I have an error during the download. Please check the screenshot "Cant update 151 to 152-Screen 2.jpg" attached. Any thoughts? Thank you Bruce
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