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  1. I have PS 1.5.2 installed. Each product page displays the name of that product as a H1 tag and i would like to know how to add a span tag to this? For example, i would like to display the first part of the product name / title in one colour, and the rest of the title in a different colour.. The product-name field in the back office does not allow me to include any such characters to include a span tag. How could this be achieved?
  2. Using, how do you add new fields to the default contact form? Oddly, by default there is no name or contact telephone fields!? Is there any suggestions or solutions out there, cannot find a thing on this. Also trying to figure out how you add additional contact forms? And how do you specify which types of files are allowed to be uploaded on the contact form?
  3. Ok, thanks. How would i make the file upload only available to users who are logged in? And i also need to create / duplicate the contact form, what is the best way to add additional contact forms into the site?
  4. I'm using 1.5 and want to change the page layout from 3 columns to 2. Locating the css i'm able to do this to a point, but here's the thing- On the standard 3-column layout, once you go onto the 5-step checkout process, this floats to the left by default and only the right column is visible (so basically, the left column disappears whilst in checkout). How do i get the 5 step checkout process to float to the right and at the same time still have the original left column visible? I've searched everywhere but cannot find anything that specifically answers my problem here.
  5. is there any work-around for this? It seems crazy that such a basic and fundamental principle has been completely over looked...
  6. Wow, so if my page meta title for SEO purposes is 'Graphic Design for Print in Glasgow | Professional Graphic Design Studio' then this will be the name of my page in the main navigation!? I would obviously want to name the page button something like 'Graphic Design'
  7. This may seem like a really simple, basic and possibly stupid question, maybe i'm missing something obvious but how do you name a page in the cms? I can see there are existing pages such as 'delivery' 'legal notice' 'about us' etc. but if i click on 'add new' i can only see fields for- Meta title Meta description Meta keywords Friendly Url Page content.. & whether to publish it or not.. But where do i set the actual name of the page as it appears on the page button?
  8. Im using 1.5, and clicking on product categories obviously lists all products for the one you've selected. On that list of products, is there any way to add the words 'From' just above the price point? The reason being, each product has hundreds of combinations which affect the final price, so a 'From' price at the beginning is really important. Any help on this would be really appreciated.
  9. I don't know what Revision 17849 means but i might have resolved my problem. Products appearing on the page when clicking their category seems to be dependant on whether i've set prices for all the combinations.. so for example if i have set all prices to zero / or haven't added any prices then that product will not show up on the page when clicking it's category. If i so much as add in one price at least, for a given combination, then the product does show up on the list of products for a given category..
  10. I've searched for answers on this and haven't found anything that has solved my problem. I've tried all settings in 1.5 and still nothing. I have created the category, added the product to it, and when clicking on the given category it will say at the top '1 product available' but it doesn't appear below!? It's strange since it worked fine before and i only noticed it late yesterday when this problem arisen. Also, when trying to save different option settings in the category itself, some of them return a white screen. So i click the back button to return to where i was. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, this is a big problem.
  11. Hi, i'm using On step 5 of the checkout process, it does not show the total Vat separately like it does in step 1. 'Summary'. Is there a way to display the Vat separately in step 5? Also, whilst using Paypal as a payment method, the Paypal bill also happens to display one price without the Vat listed separately, and instead just lists the final price inclusive. I would really appreciate some help to figure this out..
  12. In 1.5, once an order is placed there is a confirmation email. In that email i need to edit the displayed delivery address name and billing address name. I need to change the colour of these and i've been searching all day! if anyone has a clue where to find this and could share that with me i'd be grateful.
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