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  1. Hello there, please contact us at [email protected] with your doubts, or maybe we can arrange a meeting via skype. Whatever you need, we're there. Regards.
  2. http://www.alabazweb.com/en/modules-for-the-front-office/78-module-of-reservations-for-prestahop.html
  3. Hello Rukshar, we are currently working on our new web, so you can soon check the module online: http://www.demosalabazweb.com/hoteldemo/index.php It will be done this week and also a hotel adapted template. Kind regards.
  4. The "Reserves in your prestashop store" module allows you to perform the largest number of possible combinations to offer reservations services in your Prestashop online store. Allows you to assign to items that you select from the configuration panel the option to transform them into service with reservation. We detail all your options: -You can select if you want to appear on the product a calendar (e.g. to book a table at a restaurant), two calendars (to indicate the start date and end date of reserve of the product e.g. Hotels, rentals, etc) and a calendar more days (the user may select a calendar date and the days which will use the product/service.) -You can select the number of services, for example if you have a hotel with 200 rooms module lets you configure this value to no you can book more than this amount simultaneously. -Global price of the product (to assign a fixed price regardless of day or hours of booking). -Minimum price of the product which allows you to set the minimum price of the reservation of the service. -You can indicate a specific text for the price of their products (eg. Price per night) -You can configure whether you want the price of reserves is displayed to the client at the bottom of the product, or in a modal window. -You can configure if you want prices change for Ajax when for example selecting attributes (breakfast, extra bed, etc) -Can show whether a button that when pressed will display prices for their services (prices per night, the attribute price breakfast, etc) -You can hide any element CSS (e.g. the quantity of the product box) -You can select that I attribute to add to each product with different configuration options. You can determine if the attribute is a fixed price for the product and will only be added once (e.g. bed double in a hotel), or you can determine if the attribute must be multiplied by the number of days in the reserve (eg. breakfast in a hotel). -You can configure the number of days where you will allow to make reservations on your website with just a few clicks (e.g. If you sell classes from Monday to Friday you can quickly turn off all Saturdays and Sundays so that the client can not buy them) -You can quickly configure only the days that will allow to make a reservation (for example the second week of January or only a day a month.) -You can configure ranges from hours to allow the customer to select which are not reserved (e.g. appointment in a workshop, dentists, etc.). This option allows quick setting up their services by hours, this way you can sell to your customers their products by strips of hours, minutes and even seconds. Ideal for: -Hotels (reserve their rooms with their personalized services) -Cottages-vacation rentals (book their rooms or services) -Restaurants (reservations for tables) -Clinical dentist (his patients can choose the best time for your appointment online) -Veterinary (clients may request appointment boasts with a couple of clicks) -Polyclinics (book appointment for all services) -Car hire -Sale of tickets or tickets -Mechanical workshops (customers can book your appointment Online) Demo: http://www.demosalab...m/megaservices/ Video demo: Purchase URL: http://www.alabazweb...-prestahop.html Price: 185,00 € VAT
  5. Happy new year! Added compatibility with Prestashop v. All of our module users have free access to this update and all the upcoming 1.5.x. versions.
  6. Good evening, this Friday we are releasing our reservations module at alabazweb.com This module allows to: - Day reservations with calendar. - Reservations between two calendars. - Hour reservations. - Reservations with calendar and amount of days. - Amount of services reservation (i.e: hotel rooms). You can add price per attribute to all the previous options by selecting an attribute to sum the total attribute price (supplementary beds) or to sum attribute's price by reservation days (breakfasts). You can disable days so they can't be bought. You can also set the time from when you add the item to the shopping cart, to the end of the buy in order to reserve the stock (i.e: Show tickets), and more to come on Friday by our webpage. Kind regards.
  7. Thanks for your comment about our module. We are working on fixing the translation problems. Kind regards.
  8. Hello, we can fix the compatibility of this module for 1.4.9 version for 40€ (Tax not included). Please, contact us if you want us to help you. Best regards.
  9. Hello Daniel, we are a Prestashop Development Company from Spain. Please, send details to [email protected] (in spanish if you want) so we can give you a price. Regards.
  10. Hello, please send details to [email protected] so we can give you a price. Regards.
  11. Hello, we have a module that fits your needs perfectly. http://www.alabazweb.com/en/prestashop-modules/39-module-extra-options-for-transportation-in-prestashop.html The price is 96,00 € VAT (20% Off). Please, email us if you need further help. Kind regards.
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