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  1. Yes, I've seen the modules for reservations, was wondering if there was a coupon or cart rule module based upon a range of dates selected
  2. Well, perhaps make it a default thumbnail size and position it to the left of the short description of the post
  3. Is there a way to remove the featured image on the page?
  4. Is there a way to make the URL field not required?
  5. I figured it out. Using a custom theme that had the homeslider module. Using backend cPanel I installed another instance of Prestashop, did a live edit, and the module I needed was Theme Configurator. So using FTP I downloaded it to local pc then up to the custom theme, installed and it works perfect
  6. I installed the homeslider module however, it is 779px by 448px and apparently there is another module that needs to be installed for the right side of the homeslider but I don't know the name of
  7. Is there a modification or discount add-on that based on days selected will give a discount? Setting up a hotel site. Different rooms have different rates thus need to have it so it narrows down to particular room types. ie: If I select a date range at the hotel that has 8 days, since it includes a range of 7 days, a certain amount will automatically be done (and shown to customer). Perhaps one in which discount packages can be set up as weekly or monthly for each room type
  8. This module simply does not work. It works for unique hits, so I know it correctly ties up the link to the publisher, however, it isn't correctly adding the % to the publisher or even displaying the products purhased. I've tried 'invoiced' and 'shipped' for the 'Order status when commisson will be accounted' and nothing is added.
  9. How do I tell if the module works? I have a test site that closely resembles live site and while on a product page, I'm not seeing any difference in Pinterest Pin buttons or when I click on them
  10. When cancelling an order, getting: Fatal error: Call to a member function scalarval() on a non-object in /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/prestaerp/prestaerp.php on line 294 PS
  11. Where can I look at and purchase?
  12. I'm not able to add images or select the /img folder while in Home text editor... when trying to upload, I get Syntax error... when trying to select the /img folder, the right side area that displays files goes blank Sorry, PS
  13. Wow, got a request for a slider for a website that is having a 72 hour sale... the sale specials change every hour, thus 72 images will be changed... Can someone help me find a slider for PS that 72 images can be imputted and changed automatically every hour?
  14. For CMS pages, is there a module for sharing the page on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc? Either an addon that you can determine which pages need social sharing or perhaps a shortcode?
  15. Sorry, just that the new store is LIVE and when you have the client/company asking why things are going on I get nervous and want answers quick... Ok, when a customer is signed in, when they are adding products to the cart, once they are ready to check out, during which on one of the checkout screens, depending of which customer group the customer is in and depending on the discount/voucher itself, if the voucher or vouchers that are 'active' will show as 'available' for use for that customer and customer group... The company uses other media with the discount/voucher codes and so those particular codes, it would be nice to NOT have them show up as being 'available' for use during the checkout... meaning, if a customer did not see the other media they should not be able to see the discount/voucher codes to use.
  16. Sometimes I get the feeling that I've made a big mistake going with Prestashop... as time goes on and little things pop up such as the problem above, and then not getting any answers or advice, I get more and more frustrated and at times think about creating a new web store with another shopping cart software and scrap Prestashop!
  17. How can I hide 'available' vouchers that are active? There are vouchers in which need to be active, the codes themselves are promos in other media however, only want to 'see' or the vouchers be used by those that actually see the promos in other media and not use them if 'seen' in the checkout process after seeing the available.
  18. How do you hide voucher codes that need to be hidden from selected groups in 'My Vouchers'?
  19. What are the correct steps / procedures for when an order is placed when a shop is tied into OpenERP? Is it: An order is placed using a credit card. The order is in 'Payment Accepted' but not syncd with OpenERP The order is looked at for any modifications, discounts that were not added, etc. Then captured and placed in 'Preparation in Progress' then syncd by clicking on Red X or wait till 3-4 orders are captured then putting a check mark by the ones that have been done then use the 'Sync with OpenERP' button that is located bottom left. Or does capturing need to be done at all? and simply placed in 'Preparation in Progress' once order is deemed 'good to go'? Is there a FAQ or steps on a webpage somewhere?
  20. Are there any Authorize.net modules that would allow adding extra amounts (of course after customer was notified) such as extra shipping cost or perhaps a call to add a product they forgot before capturing? Guessing same thing is on the line of when you eat out and your card is charged or pending and later charged with meal + your tip.
  21. I will submit a ticket soon... according to a tech we have looking at the issue: issue is the state class is created twice, 1 by the core prestashop, and 2nd by the presaerp module
  22. Our shop was working just with connector until last Friday when it gave us pretty much same error above: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class state in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/modules/prestaerp/state.php on line 3
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