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  1. Hi again! I've just tried "re-categorizing" one of the products back out of Mobile Phone Accessories, into its own Category (ie one of the cameras), without checking HOME category, and the database was updated immediately, but when I tried the same thing, WITH the HOME category checked, it timed out. So definitely something has happened to the HOME category, I think. The change to category PHP statement you gave wasn't at fault - that worked brilliantly - it was the first UPDATE which seems to have caused the problem. Can that statement be reversed at all? Thanks, David
  2. So you think the timing out is just a co-incidence? I know it can happen, of course, on servers!! As I said, all I was trying to do was update the products now in mobile phone accessories, by checking/unchecking their Category appearance (there is only about 12 products to do this with), but I'm getting timed-out each time, so I just wondered if the first operation I did had changed Home Category to "88", instead of "1" (the second operation worked perfectly), so any "checking" on the Home just sent the product around in a circle, if you see what I mean, and hence the time-out? Thanks! David
  3. Just one last thing - should I not "alter back" the previous statement, otherwise won't the database "see" the new "Home" category as being "88", instead of "1"? I ask this, as I'm getting timed out when I try to send back the handful of products I wanted to keep in the "Home" category, and I think its related to the previous Update? Thanks, David
  4. Wow! That's worked! Thanks very much for your help! You've saved me an enormous amount of leg-work!! Now all I have to do is transfer back the handful of products which I want in Home category (Featured)! Great bit of PHP/MySQL coding! Thanks once again!! David ps I'll have a look at your store..
  5. Does anyone else know of a method to change the category of a large number of products at one go? I've tried the method given above, but it had no effect. In fact, I don't know what its done,but it certainly didn't do what it was supposed to, even though no error occurred. Does anyone know of any 3rd party module out there which could make the job easier, instead of changing all the records individually?
  6. Strange - it came back with 2379 records updated - yet in the shop nothing has changed!! Puzzled..! David
  7. So just to be absolutely sure, I query using the full string (except for the "x", of course!) UPDATE ps_product SET id_category_default = ‘x’ where id_category_default = 1 or in my case, UPDATE ps_product SET id_category_default = ‘88’ where id_category_default = 1 Do I use the comma's around the value 88, or just 88?? Thanks very much! David
  8. Hi again! I think you intended to write something about "id_category_default", but didn't complete the sentence??
  9. Thanks for reply - and I won't use PM with you again - but what's the difference? The 2 statements look identical.. Or did you intend to write something else for the "X" value? David
  10. Thanks for the information. However, I just want to move all the products in the "Home" Category to the "mobile phone accessories" Category - will this method work for that, or will it put EVERY product (ie from all other Categories) into the mobile one? As I've said, I just want all the products in the Home Category to move.. I don't want to make the SQL query UNTIL I've clarified this point, as you will appreciate!! Awaiting your reply, David Fergus www.electronicsshopdirect.com
  11. Hi there! I have imported an Excel file with 2,500 products. Everything has gone where it should - except the all the products are in the Home Category, whereas I wanted them in "mobile phone accessories". I've moved a few hundred manually, buts its a long, laborious task - does anyone know a quick method to move all of them more easily? Is there maybe a module out there which lets me tick all the boxes at one go, such as a complete list of products in excel style? Any help would be much appreciated! David Fergus www.electronicsshopdirect.com
  12. I have recently added the Western Union module to my online shop. Upon configuration, I notice there is a section for CIF/NF/DNI - what is it?! And also, if someone sends money by this method, (Western Union), how am I notified within Prestashop, as there is no email configuration within the module. Does it pick this up from Prestashop automatically?
  13. Thanks for that. But I un-installed and then re-installed it within the Modules back office - and it worked!! Strange things happen sometime..!
  14. I've installed the latest version of Google Base, 0.6.3 OK, but when I go to generate a feed, it says "The output location is invalid. Cannot write to /googlebase.xml (I created a xml file of the same name in the root folder). What has gone wrong? Completely at a loss on this one! Any help would be much appreciated!! David Fergus
  15. Here is my online shop, www.electronicsshopdirect.com I've added some interesting modules etc., and a lot of products - BUT how do I get more visitors? I've registered with lots of online directories, but its still hard-going. Would it be a good idea to perhaps advertise one or two products on eBay, with a link to my shop? Any suggestions from successful owners of online shops would be much appreciated! And nany thanks to prestashop visitors who have given me valuable feedback already on the layout! David Fergus
  16. I am currently updating a huge range (2,500) of products on my online shop ( www.electronicsshopdirect.com ). However, although the rest of my internet is OK, the loading up of product pages/updating/saving is very slow. Could this be my server for this site, or could it, as I suspect, be a cache within Prestashop admin that needs cleaning? If so, where is it? Are there more than one cache? Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance, David Fergus
  17. Thanks, Rob, but I had already tried that. Thr main problem was "timing-out" with the server - once I had categories figured out, the server had slowed up, and my only decent "import" was to the Home category. What I was looking for was some module which lists all products (like QuickEdit does), but with the extra option of changing cetegory very easily. Its like looking for the Holy Grail! David
  18. Does anyone know of any module or method to change the category check-box for a number of products at once? I imported 2,500 new products into my shop, but they all landed in the "Home" Category - whereas I want them in a Category called "Mobile Spares/Accessories". I've tried going through each record, and changing the ticks in the check-boxes, but its slow going - help!! Surely, there must be some easier method or module? At least if I had them all in a list, and could change the ticks, it would be a big help. Thanks! David Fergus
  19. I'd like to add Yandex Money as a payment module to my online shop, www.electronicsshopdirect.com Has anyone had experience of adding this, and if so how to go about it? I've got a link to their payment site, which I've used Google Translate on (although I understand russian anyway - its for other users): http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=http://money.yandex.ru/shoprequest/&ei=vgxjS7rNG5Sy0gSxsazEBg&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CA0Q7gEwAA&prev;=/search?q=http://money.yandex.ru/shoprequest/&hl=en&sa=G
  20. Could anyone throw any light on this one? I have received paypal payments OK from UK to my online shop, but last night a gentleman placed an order from Canada. Although my Prestashop back office is set up to include Canada, as a country, under "zones", I have US - not Canada. Could it be that this "blocks" the order, or is Canada counted as being in the US Zone? Or could it be that my UK PayPal has not accepted payment from Canada, even though it was in UK Pounds? I am puzzled about this one! I need an urgent answer so I can resolve it for the customer - I can't obviously send him the goods until I have received payment through PayPal. Many Thanks in advance!
  21. I have set up my online shop - or at least with sample data - under www.electronicsshopdirect.com and kept the standard format up to now. On my own PC, all the columns on the home page are where they should be, but when I tried it on a PC in the local library, the complete right-hand column (shopping-cart etc.) are under the bottom of the left-hand column!! Has anyone had this occur with the standard Prestashop layout, and if so, is there a solution to fit all screen resolutions/sizes?? Many Thanks in Advance! David Fergus
  22. Thanks for that! I'll try it on another PC, but I feel sure that you're correct!
  23. I am using PayPal ver 2.1 beta for my Paypal module. I have overcome one ot two problems, so that I am now able to place an order, check-out, and then choose to "Pay by PayPal". However, although I am re-directed to the PayPal payment page correctly, my own email address is in the log-in stage - so in other words, if I was to proceed, I would be paying myself, which is crazy! I have used my alternative email address for ordering - which is the one which should be showing up as making the payment - NOT my primary one!! Help! Many Thanks in advance!!
  24. I presume you mean "Payment method"? I don't understand what you mean by paying when ordering - of course, I was attempting to do that when I chose to pay for an order by using Paypal! Sorry for the delay in replying to your post, but work got in the way!!
  25. I have set up Paypal correctly (I even used their IPN test tools to check it out), but when I do a dummy run through my shop (using an alternative email address of mine!) and click on Pay by PayPal, instead of being re-directed to the PayPal site, I get: Hack attempt (OrderHistory -> id_order_state is empty) I notice this has shown up in previous threads, so its not un-common. Anyone know what the problem is? Any solutions? Many Thanks in advance! David Fergus ps this is stopping me from using my site with live products, so immediate help would be appreciated!
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