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  1. Hello my dear friends, I'm trying to import my products into the shop. Everythings seems to be ok, until i pres Import CSV button. After some seconds page goes white (like in the picture) and only first 2 products are imported into the shop. Please do you have solution of this biiig problem ? THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  2. Hello my dear friends, I'm working hardly in my new shop and I have a big problem. Please help me to hide that utility what is on side. In every category on the top is displayied something like this. I had attached photo. Please let me know how to solve that problem and how to hide that. Thank you very much
  3. sorry, but I don't see there any of my or customer messages who I tried to send.
  4. Hello, some customer tried to send me mail by function "contact us", but in the mail in typed ony "1" where can I see this message ? Thanks a lot
  5. Zdarec, chctel sem se zeptat zakladni vec. Porad hledam no vedovedu to nikde najit. Jak by bylo mozny zmenit mail, na ktery mneji prichazet objednavky z eshopu. Bybo by mozny, aby to chodilo zaroven na vice mailu najednou ? Dekujiiii
  6. Hello, finally after two weaks of hard work Ive done my shop with crystall glass. Ive tried to order something but strange thing happen. Please look at this. http://www.glasspark.eu/authentication.php?back=order.php?step=1 you can also try to order something abut the same problem appear. PLEASE HELP ME
  7. Dobry vecer, vzdy kdyz se snazim importovat produkty my vyskoci hlaska (ID ) cannot be saved Product->link_rewrite is empty for default language Nevedeli by ste mi s tim pomoct ? co by to mohlo znamenat ? Dekuji.
  8. Hello, I just wanted to ask if someone could make for me .htaccess file. I'm using Mac OS, so I can't make that file. Could also someone describe to me how friendly URS's works ? You just access it in back office, insert .htaccess file on my webhosting and simply works ? Or do I have to do something else ? Many thanks
  9. Sorry, but I really don't understand you. Is posible to describe that problem more closer ? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I wanted to ask some basic question. I'm trying to upload some pictures. I've already uploaded they into my ftp. But if I click (in filezilla) on them by right button and I choose option Copy URL(s) to clipboard and try to see that link on browset it doesn't work. That just show something like You don’t have permission to view “xyxy.jpg”. What can I do ? Please help. Many thanks
  11. dekuji, a prosimte nevedel by si dat nejaky podrobnejsi navod pro ne tak skusene uzivatele ?
  12. Dobry vecer, mam tady takovy problem. Rad bych se zeptal, jak by bylo mozny navysit vsechny ceny o x procent. Mam tam hrozne moc polozek a nemohu vsechny propisat Velke diky
  13. nic vic nechci jenom pomoc s predelanim ty tabulky ... z toho mas nervy ?
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