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  1. Ahoj, mám dotaz ohledně velikosti písma na eshopu abcdeal.cz mrknete. Je to asi 8čka na home page mam text v 10tce a vypada to líp. Máte někdo zkušenosti jak to nastavit? Jestě mám problém s korunama, musím mít primárně dollary kvůli dodavateli, ale chtěl bych aby se načetla hned koruna po vztupu na eshop a ne dollary primární. Dá se to nějak udělat. Dík moc za odpovědi!
  2. Hello, please look in to the attachement there is a screen of my problem or look on www.abcdeal.org. I have problem with appearence of module Top Selling products. Now it looks nasty, there are 4 products and 2 pics, even though i set only 2 product to be visible. Pls help me with configuring this top selling. TY very much.
  3. is possible that i have changed name of picture default_home? I dont remember what was name before.... May it be that problem?
  4. Hi TY for reply. this is my setting for pictures. Is it correct? TY 1 small 45 px 45 px 2 medium 58 px 58 px 3 large 270 px 270 px 4 thickbox 600 px 600 px 5 category 524 px 100 px 6 default_home 124 px 124 px 7 large_scene 528 px 200 px 8 thumb_scene 161 px 58 px
  5. Hello PrestaShoppers, i have a problem with my shop. I upload whatever image to my product and everything is ok, pictures are there. But you can see it only if you view a product. But pictures are not in category products. As on image in attachment. Please if you know how to fix it please write me i will try. Iam little bit despered i dont know what this is. The image is now in home_default 124x124x and if i change in preferences>image the hight a width of image nothing happend. Ty for respond i am glad.
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