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  1. yes i did find a work around... i don't fill in a price... just a space or you could fill in a zero and below in when available i type a text which appears on top of pricing Not for sale or ask for pricing you could also try to alter the mysql to empty the default value so no pricing will appear or ... in php if value = 0.00 print nothing ( nothing .... without the price )
  2. try another browser ... it worked for me .... i used safari and it worked for me
  3. did you try several browsers ? safari / firefox ...
  4. } #primary_block div#attributes input,select{ font-family: verdana; font-size: 11px; color:#000000; border: #808080 solid 1px; margin-top:0px; border-top-color:#808080; border-bottom-color:#808080; } ok thanks i tried this and now i can see the whole attribute and the select like this :
  5. yes he could.... or he alters his global.css to this } #primary_block div#attributes input,select,textarea { font-family: verdana; font-size: 11px; color:#000000; border: #808080 solid 1px; margin-top:0px; border-top-color:#808080; border-bottom-color:#808080; } it works fine for me and the select option in product.tpl ( maybe not realy needed but its an option ) within the i think max width is 235 i,m not sure
  6. i blocked the error... [removed] // <![CDATA[ window.onerror = function(){ return true; } // ]]> [removed] but still ... a solution would be nicer ....
  7. that is far to difficult as i have too many products in there... and would take me weeks. i hear ya .. i wouldn't go there either! try giving chmod to all the the files 777 maybe there is a rights issue and you could unzip a presta installation and check the original files. did you try zend studio ??
  8. Ok nice stuff, my son has a lot of these kind of products he is addicted ;-) I,m trying to put 9000 products online ouch!
  9. Yep perfect ! Ysco Thanks a lot i went nuts ;-)) What kind of shop do you have ?
  10. Ok that did help.... but not the whole way ;-)) No if someone exceeds 25 kg they still see the same price ... after they click to check out they see the actual cost ... but also the cheaper option ( which they can choose ) but they shouldn't be able to because of the costs that way i have to pay the difference .... for instance if someone orders more then 500 kg they can still choose 15 euro ;(( so i have no clue what i did wrong .... UPDATE 1 MINUTE LATER .... I missed the part about disable out of range So my mistake ( of course ) Bedankt !!
  11. Hi there... Probably dutch ;-)) I,m trying getting it sorted out ... but i have no clue how to fix it. Could you post or send me some screen shots how to set it up ..... I want the weight to be my marker so if someone orders more then 50 kg there will be 29 euro more costs Any help would be nice since i really have no f#ck!ng clue ;-))
  12. Hi there I have a question regarding the last viewed items .. at this point they are below each other i want them next to each other ..... Kind regards Patrick
  13. error.... solution ?? it has something to do with the extra items in a category update: strange but on pages with more pictures / products with a diff color it does work so if you see attached picture with NR 1 it works also on nr 2 without nr 1 it doesnt work below.. nr 2
  14. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. i have the same problem ....
  15. Maybe stupid ... but if it works with safari and not with other browsers .... there must be an issue of poor coding or server side problems.... Maybe server settings.... i did have a problem a while back and it had something to do with apache/php.ini ... It had something to do with spamm some people find it usefull to send email ( spamm ) from a server... some servers are working around the clock sending email without you knowing so thats why providers close things down... You could check this... try sending yourself an email with the smtp from your own browser from a different server.... ( thats why most people need to use a different smtp rather then there own domain ) i know i fixed that bug many years ago ;-) I dont have these kind of issues but it sounds fun ;-) ================ sorry for my english... i,m dutch ;-)
  16. yes you could... 1 2 3 4 5 i dont have the code to give you a good copy paste i deleted that part ( didn't liked it either ) if you post it .. i might fix it ;-) if i,m not mistaken it was on the product.tpl
  17. yes thats part two ;-) i was looking for it also... but it was already posted on this forum ;-)
  18. Back Office >> Preferences >> Products you start there.....
  19. Hi guys.... and Girls ;-) What about a sliding info on a product is this possible or maybe someone fixed it ???
  20. Ey there, i fixed something like this... and then i threw it away ;-) haha no just kiddin it is possible. However you are creating a kind of market place which makes you the owner and everything which they sell goes threw you so you need more ... you need to know who puts the stuff online and you need to contact that person easily otherwise it will fail. The reason i,m not using it like this is simple they could place anything ... with lots of errors in spelling etc Which makes your shop a laughing stock ;-(( So i altered the code ... 1 they can create a seller account 2 they can submit items to a database 3 they can change or remove pictures 4 they can change texts BUT nothing gets online before you put it online so with your permission. I think this is a better way of course its not the way you wanted it but i wouldn't go the other way around ...
  21. Hoi hoi .... Heeft 1 van jullie hier al een oplossing voor gevonden ? voor 1.2.4. ... mvg patrick
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