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  1. Hey I have a different theme running had the same problem for 2nd time now. Each time I did a different fix. try going to bo->preferences->performance-> force compile yes->cache no-> try mobile site register link see if it worked. If so undo what you just did ->force compile off and cache yes check your mobile site again and your register link should no longer be broken. Good luck hope this helped I know I spend countless hours trying to figure it out. let me know if it worked for you
  2. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to help me out. After couple nights and crashing my site I figured out the problem. Again thanks for taking the time to help out! If you want to see my site and maybe have any suggestions on how to improve it please let me know. Im using prestashop LOTSOFVAPOR
  3. HI i am using this theme works great except when new customers want to register the link seems to be broken any one face the same problem? any one know how to fix thanks
  4. Hi i have installed this theme andthe regestration for new customers does not work any one have the same problem seems the link is broken or something. Please help thank you!
  5. I set this theme up and works great except if you register a new account it wont work. the link is broken can anyone please help!!! thanks
  6. hey guys my login>register link in my mobile shop is not working any idea whats wrong? thanks for your time please help
  7. hey theinxu great fix!! thank you so much ive spend countless hours trying to fix this problem and boom you got it! Funny part is my problem was not that it was too big my problem was it just randomly stopped working one day. I have only about 150 items. I treid reloading my product index changing bunch of things no luck i said what the hell lets try your method on my problem and it worked thank you! DO YOU OR ANYONE SEE THIS CAUSING A PROBLEM (changing the search.php)?
  8. bump i have the same problem have not looked at it on a iphone yet. hope some one can help soon!! question for all you using this right now what is your product picture upload size? on the slider is your featured products displaying properly? And when you turn your phone to the side does the slider display picture really big and pixalated? Has anyone tried this on a tablet or an ipad? Hope we can help each other good luck guys and happy selling!
  9. hey pel it worked for me thnx but now it says availability on my mobile version not a big deal but i wouldnt mind getting rid of it. thnx
  10. i tried that but it did not work i dont have a footer any more on my mane site please look www.lotsofvapor.com
  11. any one know how i can change the slider lenth you cant tell i have other content to view please look and help thank you for your time! www.lotsofvapor.com
  12. is there any way to change the lenth of the slider? when my page loads you really cant tell you can scroll down to view other content just the slider shows thanks much
  13. ive done that andrew and its been months and it still says new any other ideas? Where can i find the file and just remove the icon pic that says new?
  14. hey i know its an old post but can you please tell me how i can line up my best sellers 2 items per line? thank you
  15. how can i get images to line up next to each other like 2 pictures per row? www.lotofvapor.com please take a look thank you id appreciate your help
  16. hey thank you so much for your module great work! I appreciate you sharing your hard work with us. I hope you can help me I installed the module and filled out all the info but for some reason when you click a link ex: facebook it takes you to www.lotsofvapor.com/www.facbook.com/lotsofvapor same with twitter. can you please help me? Thank you for your time.
  17. thank you very much for your help. I am not sure how to do this is there a place you can link me with instructions on how to extract only certain files?
  18. Does any one have a zip of that module or know where i can find it. Im referring to the best products module. thank you!
  19. hey guys do you have a link to the original zip file for top rated module that comes with prestashop for free? I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance.
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