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  1. Er denne blevet løst undervejs? - jeg oplever nemlig præcis det samme.
  2. Hello guys I am currently developing a webshop using Prestashop 1.5.2. Our products are available in the sizes Small, Medium and Large, but the sizes are not fixed. The sizes are 2-dimensional (width/height) and depending on the product the dimensions differ. If I have to create an entry for each product three times (S/M/L) and most the sizes differ, then it would result in a really large and non-productive list of 3000+ entries. The size "Small" is the default size of the product, and the sizes Medium and Large can be calculated from this size. Likewise the sizes has a price-impact on the product (but I have already made a function to fix this). Personally I see the following option as the one to go for, but would like input from you guys for this. Create an attribute with the three values: Small, Medium and Large. Then in the attribute generator, create an input-field for each of these values, containing width-/height-information and then somehow append this to the three predefined values. Do you have a smarter way to do this? Kind regards Michael
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