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  1. Sound great, but does'nt work for me on 1.2.4, error message is Hack attempt (Employee -> lastname is empty) Thanks kennyh
  2. Best Chromatic theme I've ever seen, PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ya.. 5 translasi bahasa di 1.2.4 semua berhenti pada point (identity - 41 expressions di front office) baris ke 24, dientry 3 kali tetap tidak dapat tersimpan, itupun saya menggunakan mode copy dari english ke bahasa yang saya inginkan
  4. thank mr Sperio, quick respond, here there are, 2 images with different tinyMCE
  5. sorry mr sperio, not work in 1.2.4, broken=lost footer @ each product's page (maybe because i'm not use default PS theme)
  6. nice, so clean DG and beautiful CSS trik (garace open applycated), awesome designer, yes you are DG! ;-)
  7. prestashop is complete, look at backoffice-->preference-->images see on thickbox is 600px*600px, then set up your product image (with image editor Photoshop or other) with that size, than you uploaded your image, and look the result!!! (my english is bad, sorry)
  8. Coba mas pakai modul home featured carousel MGC by mtor dan terus di modul position, modul carousel MGM anda transplant ke header http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/10924/modules___development/module_mgc_home_products_carousel
  9. Nice simplycity and great composition, big thank DG, hope you back with great great free theme....again!!!
  10. Just Simple !!! add this code in your global.css Special for IE filter:alpha(opacity=85) Another Browser, CSS3 standard opacity:0.85; Good CSS School : http://www.w3schools.com/Css/default.asp :-)
  11. thank's first1 Indeed the beginning of what I mean here is to use a small hole in prestashop to support the SEO, but the discussion widened out from what has been provided by prestashop for SEO product. Please look at the picture, the difference between the structure has not been changed and after changed, then they are taken by search engines, with the same keywords, but different results, before changed, google read the title and some of the contents of the header (first initial submission) #19, and after the modified, bing # 1 to read meta's, # 1 yahoo read meta's. With the keyword "pimpilina" google retrieve content from the CMS, is the logic of the search engines is difficult to predict, especially google. So at least we should try, how to make the store better, because in prestashop facilities, why not used? and therefore I use prestashop. and no harm come to this forum, the election of a member in prestashop forums also have functions for SEO, with a java-herbs.com could be # 1, so every effort should be made, of course, by using the logic of their thinking, and all inputs acceptable to the success of the store, quite a few explanations from me, thank you
  12. in the first week I've got the 19th position of organic searches, with the word "herb" and #1 now with my product name "pimpilina puruajtan"
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