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  1. Я так попробовал сразу. Да действительно нарезает картинку в формате PNG , но только есть одна проблема. Нарезанный файл будет всегда с расширением jpg. Данное расширение для прозрачной ПНГ картинки влияет только в любимом ИЕ6, трансперант/прозрачность становиться белым фоном. Решение я нашел следующее. Полез в код и переписал его немного. Так как расширение jpg захаркодено. Это минус скрипта как на первый взгляд.
  2. Hi All !!! Who know why I get this error "502 bad gateway" when trying to "log in" in order to keep on checking out What is more this error occurs if I input login/passwort exist user. If I input incorrect login/password then I will redirect to registration page ) as it must be ) I checked all attributes od folder according to instruction at this site. Unfortunatelly Error doesnt disappear ( I really appriciate any advices Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Hi All !!! I need to make more simple process of order of products. I wanna miss such steps as shipping and payment. It's enough for customer to make order without shipping and payment. Only pick out necessary product then confirm of order and authorize/register (if need). And wait for response from me ) Let me know how to miss two last steps ?
  4. No I meant seperate news/article module. Where I will be able to put some text information. RSS news feed doesnt correspond to me
  5. Ресайзю PNG картинку на прозрачном фоне. После ресайза он становиться на белом. Как сохранить прозрачность ?
  6. Hi all !!! How to create static page which will be contain text information ?
  7. hi all! Who know is it possible to resize PNG-image with srorage of transparent background? I resized some PNG-images with transpatent background but unfortunately after resizing of them they became on white background.(( Is it possible to resize PNG-image with srorage of transparent background? Thanks in advance
  8. А есть ли модуль новостей ? Подскажите )
  9. Hi all ! Is There news module? I need to have some news in a shop
  10. http://www.prestashopbr.com/downloads/productrating.tar This arh seems to be broken. I unpacked it but not all. Trying to apply to my site now Thanks
  11. Hi all! Who knows Is There module of voting of product in this pretty engine. ? I need to do voting/rating for all products Let me know if something is there ) Thanks a lot in advance
  12. Hi There !! who know is there any recomendation to what hook shoping cart should be adopted ? by default it's loaded via hookleftColumn with hookrightColumn. In my case I need to show it on the top. I did it to show there. I assigened "shoping cart " to HOOK shoppingCartExtra It works ) But Maybe It's not correct to do so. Let me know if I am wrong
  13. Please , make more exact next thing: For example: If module "Cart Block" is adopted into HOOK "Payment" by default. by what HOOK Is this module "Cart Block" shown ? Maybe There is some list of HOOK ?
  14. Hi all ! Also Is there any recomendation/doc what modules can be loaded in What HOOK ? because there are lots of module in prestashop but HOOK is lesser. HOOK means something like this {$HOOK_HEADER}, {$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN} etc. Maybe some modules is loaded via other ones ?
  15. Да спасибо разобрался. Знания CSS есть, я хотел немного узнать о структуре темплейтов. Так же в английском форуме спросил. Дали хороший линк. Думаю многим будет полезен
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