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  1. Honestly, I personally find this a poor excuse. If you at least had admitted that you have concluded that rich snippets is among the most valued features and now you want to charge for it because you are in it for the money...... However, if indeed what you say are true then the logic would be that rich snippet say free and you cover your heavy support cost by paid for support agreement to the once who need and request it. That how normal software companies deal with advanced in-depth support.
  2. It is completely ok to make new cool features and charge for them. However, it is generally a very bad practice to first lure gullible webshop owner into using your "free" module and then suddenly start charging for core features after the user have already invested both time and money into setting up and integrating your module. I think you will lose all credibility if you suddenly start charging for core features which previously have been free. Webshop owners will not trust you anylonger and will not be willing to invest further on a module for which you can not foresee the future evolution and cost.
  3. I kindly ask your product manager to reconsider because I think many shopowners agree with me when i say that a product with 100 reviews and 4,9 avarege score will be much more interesting to most customers than a product with 1 review and 5 average score.
  4. 4) We have "sent" as final status, so to use "delivered" as trigger would not do it for us. However, I fully agree that it would be a nice feature if it was possible to customize which status trigger the count-down.
  5. Requested features in order of priority: 1) Debug rich-snippet so that it works in reality not only on test page. 2) Allow commenting customer reviews 3) Align "Top product" in embedded widget with "Top product" in Yotpo admin. The way top product is defined in admin make sense, because it consider also the number of reviews. However, top product in embedded widget ignores the number of reviews and consider only the average rating. Consequently low selling items with one good review (e.g. 1 review with 5 star) will outperform popular and big volume product with many ratings (e.g. 100 reviews and average 4,9)
  6. We are running PS 1.4.8 and are unable to get the rich snippets working. In rich snippets test page it all look good but it will not show up in real Google search. First we tested 3-4 weeks with rich snippets activated in both BO and Yotpo admin, as instructed. Now for the last 2-3 weeks we have activated the rich snippets only in BO (since this also give the correct result in test page) but also this fail and will not show result in real Google search. Advice truly appreciated from anyone who has it working.
  7. We are running ps 1.4.8 We have 2 issues when trying to share reviews with facebook: The translation does not work. There is some introductary text to each review and although we have yotpo Swedish language installed the text is in english and we find no place to edit it. SOLVED: In Yotpo account under "Modorate" pane the following text is found in left top corner: "Click here to Set up "Smart Auto Share" to maximize the social reach of your reviews". When following that link the facebook sharing text can be felly customized. It is not clear how you set it up for the company page rather than your private facebook page. In the end we got it correct, but it was a lot "exipired tokens" and confusion before it turned out correctly. So some instruction concerning this would likely help others in the future. We have 1 issue with rating display on category page: When following this instruction (http://support.yotpo.com/entries/23038366-Installing-Bottom-Line-on-Product-Category-Pages-in-Prestashop) and includung <div>.......</div> and <script>.........</script> to get the rating stars on catagory page the overall testamonial tab (enabled from yotpo account) suddenly stops working. SOLVED: Follow the instruction in above linke and add the star rating <div>.......</div> to to product-list.tpl. However do not add the "<script src="https://www.yotpo.com/js/yQuery.js"></script>". The script related to testamonial tab seem to take care of it all. We would be grateful for any help concerning this.
  8. I sweet quick fix would be if the payment module automatically display the payment options based on shop default country, then if customer is from other country it will re-calculate as it does today. Honestrly most shops sell 80-100% to same country and a smooth checkout is a vital for conversion rate optimization. Would anyone be able to help with a quick fix, it is likely a oneliner that auto select based on default country and the the rest is untuched. I am on PS 1.4.8 one page check-out and guest-checkout.
  9. I am sad to say that I can only confirm my doubts about this module clearly stated in earlier posting (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/244543-module-one-page-checkout-ps-quick-and-easy-purchase-on-single-page/page__view__findpost__p__1245362) Before buying this module I was considering manually adopting the built in one-page-checkout that comes with prestashop but I thought this pay for module would be the faster and smoother option forward. Considering the time spent and that this module still is not operational I would likely have been better off adopting the free module. I will continue a while more to install this paid module, if it does not work out I hope they keep their promise to refund my money after uninstalling. Concerning the “happy customers” who have so happily endorsed this module it can be interesting to know that up until this point that is the only thing they do on this forum (endorsing this module, in both the English and Spanish section……).
  10. This is what i do not think make sense. I find part of the onepagecheckout translation in the related section in BO translation such as terms and condition and the product and pcs and VAT etc. However all the translation related to the fields(such as first name, last name, address, company etc etc…. is not available anywhere. I have uploaded the new js file and set ps to no cash, and refresh and even emptied browser history but it still does not work. Can you please present me with the typical goal and funnel for the one page checkout. I have tried the classical way (post #2 in this http://www.prestasho...ogle-analytics/). Additionally I have tried to trace purchases through the flow module to figure it out and used different versions of /product /orderopc /payment /order/step0.html
  11. I downloaded the new release. I uploaded the nepagecheckoutps_back.js in the folder mentioned and the error is the same: No translations can be made No changes to fields can be made All interventions give the error message: Fatal error (FieldClass->description är tom för standardspråk.) Additionally if i look at the nepagecheckoutps_back.js in your pack it say that it has not been changed since March 13th. This is of cause ok if you make a role back, so to speak. However, please verify that the new release really have the correct nepagecheckoutps_back.js file.
  12. Please clarify: You have released a new version since last Friday? (Which your totally independent and happy customer josebaliz had been informed about, but which you have forgot to tell me about until now) Additionally you have 100 customers who for the last 2 months have had modules where the translation have not been working? All the customization etc that I have made and time I put in so far will that be lost? Or will it be possible to do this upgrade without losing all the work?
  13. I do not know what you mean with "last" version. However, this version is from last Friday so it is not very old. Additionally, I am a bit old school because i think that modules should not be released until they are properly tested and works ok (atleast when it comes to payfor modules). This ongoing process of releasing new versions as a way to push problems forward i do not like at all. But could you please explain where the translation is supposed to happen? In the BO translation or in Fields Register? I mean how can i even know if this module is working or not, when there is no instructions and no adeuate english customer support?
  14. I am very happy for you! Congratulations! It is great to see that you also have their module for one-page-checkout installed. Then you might be able to help me with some annoying issues. Hopefully it is simple errors form my side: Vital fields can not be translated (“first name”, “last name”, “address” etc etc) – They do not seem to be available for translation in BO, which I had expected. Additonally any intervention with the tab “Fields Register” render in Fatal error (FieldClass->description är tom för standardspråk.) Only few fields settings “active” and “required” seems possible to customize. Most interventions will cause “Fatal error (FieldClass->description är tom för standardspråk.)” which means description is empty for standard language. I was unwise to install this module on a live store since I had expected it to be much plug and play that would only render me few hours down-time. This is the 4 days and it is still not operational and frustration is building up when support continuously are made in 3 word sentences. Perhaps their support in Spanish is impeccable.
  15. I would advise a bit of caution with implementing this module at least for professional users for the following reasons: There is no English implementation guide or instruction what so ever and the 1.5 and 1.4 modules are zipped togehter so it was not trivial how the installation was going to be made The support have been rather cryptic and scarce according to my standards. Additionally among the first requests from the module provider was to have full access to BO and to ftp domain, which does not feel completely serious to offer to a “stranger” on a live shop. The module translations are not located where you expect them to be in the BO translations The css override does not seem to follow standard procedure Some field/content settings which should be possible to set in the module configuration does not seem to work (at least not on my) installation. An inquiry concerning how this module impact google analytics goal and funnel has been left unanswered until this point The module front office seems ok, but for payfor module i think many customers would expect more plug-and-play.
  16. The answer from Radium in this thread should likely be the answer to your question http://www.prestasho...ytics-tracking/. However, beware that the code will only correct future entries so if you have default 1 month data display in GA it might be difficult to see the effect initially.
  17. I can also indeed confirm Radiums (#3) soloution works perfect! Many thanks! However please beware: The code change will only effect future data. So if you like me have data span in GA set to 1 month, it might be difficult to see the effect initially since the new/correct data will be last in the list and sometimes not even visible on the first page. This is of cause only a temporary issue that will disappear over time.
  18. "The ajaxCart.expand();" does not seem to exist in the Prestashop version, but the problem remains. Any idée’s from the js. tpl experts?
  19. I had the similar problem (and it only occurred with Firefox, not with Internet Explorer): When adding 1 pcs to cart and refreshed page/checked-out/changed category the cart content was lost and displayed “(empty)”. This would persist as long as 1 pcs was added each time. When adding 1pc + 1pc without refresh only the first pcs was registered, however after doing this dual product addition the cart would work normally until the cookies was deleted (web browser history deleted) SOLUTION: It seems that the problem was caused by a mismatch between Module (java scripts) order in “Header of page” and in my case the Module (java scripts) order in “Top of page” [back Office => Modules =>Positions]. I had the “User info block” above the “Cart block” in the “Top of page”, and by moving “User info block” above the “Cart block” also in the “Header of page” (by just pushing the up/down buttons in Back Office => Modules =>Positions) the problem was resolved.
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