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  1. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. I solved the "experiment" page(s) by making the necessary changes in PS (altering css and/or adding/removing modules). After obtaining the desired test page I choose web view html code in the webbrowser. Copied and pasted the code into an empty html document that I uploaded to the root of the domain. This seem to work. However, now I need to add the experiment tracking code to the original page and that seems harder than I orignially thought. I have tried to add it to the in the <header> tag in header.tpl but it always give me a blank page................ Any help and idees greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes, considering that smooth check-out is key for conversion, it is truly amazing that PS or someone else have not come up with a quick fix. Most shops do 90-100% of their business in one country so how difficult can it be to show the preset payment option based on default country, and then let it change if customer happen to be from other country. I unfortunately do not have the programming skill to sort this, however I would assume that it only requires to change "hide" to "show" somewhere in the java.
  3. +1 Hmmmm....are we the only ones that have understood, or the only ones that have not understood? I would have expected many to be interested in this topic....but very little interest and even fewer answers and ideas here at PS forum.
  4. Sorry, I do not know if I am allowed to hijack this topic shortly. But you seem to have the right skills so I try: We are running PS 1.4.8 and try to adopt to mobile. A good starting point seem to be to include a dedicated stylesheet: <link href="/themes/mydesign/css/mobil.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="handheld" />By default PS will assign media to "all", but we need "handheld", any idea on how to achieve this. Thanks in advance.
  5. We are running PS 1.4.8 and the above works splendid as long as js is running. However, lately due to mobile devises etc we see increasing traffic with js disabled. With js disabled PS by default jumps to "guests who will create an account" instead of desired "guest checkout without account". Any ides on how to get directly to "guest checkout without account" even with js disabled in web browser. Thanks in advance
  6. Dear community, Anyone know best way to get Prestashop one page checkout into guest checkout without javascript? We run PS 1.4.8 and have simplified checkout to improve conversion rate: One page checkout (Configuration in Prestashop BO) Allow guest checkout (Configuration in Prestashop BO) Finally we have followed the instruction "How to use only guest checkout" and removed unnecessary form fields So in summary, until now we have had a CRO optimised checkout. However Prestashop depends on javascript and recently a greater part of the traffic have JavaScript disabled due to mobile devices etc. Unfortunately, without javascript Prestashop jump to account registration instead of guest checkout by default. Anyone know best way to get Prestashop one page checkout into guest checkout without javascript? Grateful for all feedback.
  7. Hi Yotpo, We have sent an email to the support and presented the current status, including the related files for reference.
  8. Yes exactly that seem to be essence of the problem. The numbers are not visible on page and when I test in google test tool it is able to detect the properties "rating value" and "rating count" but not the values for that product.
  9. The beauty of IT. First it progresses very very slowly forward and when you finally are almost there......it is all gone. We unistalled the 1.4.2 completely and tried to install 1.4.3 and made the following findings: 1.4.3 does not show in our PS 1.4.8 after installation so no reviews are visible. The module is presented as 1.4.3 but still there is no tickbox for rich snippets in PS backoffice. It is going to be a long night....with many whisky if needed [update: The site is now restored to 1.4.2, which should be enough for rich snippets according to yotpo. Also the tickbox for rich snippets have now become visible als in PS backoffice. However the following issues remain: Any attempt to add code to ProductController.php gives a blank page We do not see the numbers you are talking about "I think, the product.tpl code isn't a problem, when it works, you'll see the value of the ratings on the product page, for example you'll see 0 0 for a product with 0 review and 0 stars. So you can move the code to the bottom of the tpl file to be sure that numbers are at the bottom of the page."]
  10. Me have black belt in copy past coding! And it is safe to uninstall the old version. We will not lose any reviews or other things?
  11. Hi KevinNash, You seem to be right on the money! This is the current status: We ticked snippets in yotpo dashboard, however we find no tickbox in module option so question is if we need to upload other version to active rich snippets. Adding related code to ProductController.php always gives us a blank page. We tried few different places with same result Adding related code to product.tpl, makes the type and property appear (ratingvalue and ratingcount) in structured data tester. However it does not find the values so it does not show any values. so currently 1 step forward and 3/4 step back.........
  12. Hello KevinNash, What would become of the world without your swift support replays!? Many thanks! In the specific case the word "we" comes from first person plural, since "we" are several persons involved in the webshop concerned. However, even in general I prefer "we" to "he" when I talk of myself! ;-) We have ticked the box in Yotpo dashboard, however we do not find any tickbox in the module since the upgrade to Yotpo 1.4.2? We have indeed found the code that you refer to. However, what is unclear to us is if we just copy/past the code in the end of respective file which was our initial idee or if it need to be nestled in with the other code at a specific place in the file. When we got the following instruction from Yotpo support "In addition to adding the code to /ProductController.php you need to mark-up the rest of the product page ( product.tpl). I do recommend you contact your web-developer for this." we got a bit confused since it sounds like it require some major coding rather than straight forward copy/past. What is your view on the above?
  13. Hello everyone, Did anyone manage to get rich snippets working after the updated (premium) version? We are running 1.4.8 PS and it is not all that clear where in the different files the related code need to be entered (if it matters?) Additionally it is not that clear exactly what extra needs to be changed to get the required "mark-up". Grateful if anyone have any experience with this, just to understand the concept.
  14. Hi again, (This topic has been dealt with before, however we can not find the posts/threads and we do not know if there where any solution) We are running PS 1.4.8 and Yotpo 1.4.2 and from product page the Yotpo links above the "fold"/ tab section are not working. When clicking the link to read reviews or add reviews noting happens. Only if you first click on the "review tab" is it possible to read reviews and add reviews. Are there any solution for these dead links? Many thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Talia, We much appreciate it! One of your colleagues are already working on it and have activated rich snippets in the yotpo account. Tomorrow we will see if we can set up the necessary structure in PS since the structure have changed. Many thanks!
  16. We where among the early adopters who installed Yotpo and rich snippets when it was still free, and as previously promised by Yotpo it should stay free for us. However, now we have noticed that it is all gone in BO and in Yotpo account.
  17. Hi, It seems rich snippets is down again? I am rather sure it was working perfectly a week ago but now it is all gone. And likely things went from bad to worse after doing the latest update cause now also structured date tool can not find it any longer. Do you early users have the same problem?
  18. Compatibility Safari/Ipad (sorry if this has already been discussed. Searches at least did not give any hits) Spec: we are running PS 1.4.8 and tested with "new" Ipad We got big surprise today when we saw that yoto is not displaying correctly on our site with Safari/Ipad: Floating review tab (on left side) is not shown at all Stars are not visible and only showing "error" message "language=...... Review tab on product page is visible however does not show the reviews and does not give option to leave review. We spend much time to assure cross platform compatibility so we are very puzzled and wondering if we are the only ones having this problem? (That Safari now has taken the lead over IE among our visitors does not help things...)
  19. Dear El Patron, We are running PS 1.4.8 and only discount and VAT can be set for groups. How do you "authorize" payment modules? To better understand if it is worth assessing further, please explain what you will achieve with your actions? Most of us seem to want the same thing = A default set off payment options showing directly when loading checkout page (preferably based on default country), so that "uncertainty" is removed and customers immediately get a confirmation that there is a payment option to their liking. (We base our statement on how it should work for built in one-page checkout and is likely not relevant for multy step checkout.) The payment options will then be refined when customer register their address details. Plain and simple, in programming terms, payment option for default country should be shown already upon loading the one-page checkout instead of as now show nothing.
  20. Lets not jump to conclusion either way, instead lets look at facts. Is anyone having rich snippets which are currently working? Are yours currently working?
  21. Dear Yotpo, We are afraid that you have done some undesirable changes lately because our rich snippets have been working fantastic up till now. However we just noticed that they are now all gone in google search results. This is particularly bad since we are a "season" dependent business and our main season starts now........ We would be very grateful if you can asses what changes you have done in the last week/weeks and seek to find a solution or rest to previous status. Many thanks!
  22. Hi all, Is it just our site that have validation problems at with yotpo, or is this a general problem? First validation error with validator.w3.org is: Line 65, Column 49: required attribute "type" not specified <script src="https://www.yotpo.com/js/yQuery.js"></script> The attribute given above is required for an element that you've used, but you have omitted it. For instance, in most HTML and XHTML document types the "type" attribute is required on the "script" element and the "alt" attribute is required for the "img" element. Typical values for type are type="text/css" for <style> and type="text/javascript" for <script>.
  23. Hi Yotpo, Could you please clarify the practical meaning. What is the difference between the old users who have already been promised to keep the rich snippet feature and the "individual users" who have been requested to contact you personally?
  24. Hi all, site:www.yoursitename.com is likely not a good snippet test, since this does not show snippet even when they are working. The better way to test snippet functionality is to choose one of your product pages with customer reviews and google it. Then snippet should show. Example google www.yoursitename.com/catagory1/product1.html Beware: It need to be product page, not catagory page since google does not show snippets for categories. It is best to test on the product page with most reviews since roamer have it that it need to be a few reviews before google show interest (however, own experience contradict this since we have several pages with only one review showing) Finally our snippets are still working! (could be delay in re-indexing, but lets hope)
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