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  1. I managed to resolve the issue. I uninstalled the "Advanced One Page Checkout". Installed the  "One Page Checkout for Prestashop v2.3.2" with error. Uninstalled it again and reinstalled the  "Advanced One Page Checkout" again. Suddenly it worked correctly.

    (It seems some table or stuff was missing in the override, because just uninstalling and reinstall the "Advanced One Page Checkout" did not fix it. It required temporary installation of other checkout to reset the issue. )

  2. Did you learn any javascript debugging? I am clueless on how to do this.

    We have bug that need javascript debugging/comparison:

    Changing product quantity on check-out page on v is causing bug in our webpage. The strange thing is that if we continue to payment and then go back to checkout it is possible to change product quantity and the bug does not occur.

  3. Hi,

    I have identified an similar bug when using one page checkout. Likely caused when upgrading from 1.4.8 to

    1) If trying to add additional product quantity on checkout page....
    2) Or loading checkout page, and trying to continue shopping.....

    Will both render in a "This product is no longer available". 

    The problem will then persist for all products until browser cache is deleted. 

    Details can  be sent in pm and compensation will be given to anyone that is able to resolve this swiftly, since it is a live webshop.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Lowlow_Be said:


    Have you found a solution ?
    I have the exact same bot..at first i bough a module to block by IP and/or country, but after a few days it started again...without registered IP (those damn little f*ckers).

    Besides i have a lot of "bad internet users" (shop with mostly 50+ yr customers, which doesn't help hahah) so Captchas are quite the bad move for me.

    We haven't had any problems since we implemented the solution I proposed earlier:

    1. Rename "authentication" pages (in all used languages)
    2. Remove "authentication"  pages from site-map (perhaps also add to robot.txt, we did not)
    3. Delete all fake accounts.

    That's it.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, ThankBooks said:

    I think it certainly moves the goal posts, like other methods, but I wouldn't be celebrating too soon, its likely not too difficult for them to look for other page names, unlikely I think, but not difficult, it just depends on how determined they are but virtually all the methods I've tried so far have either not worked or worked but caused other issues which are potentially more problematic than the spam, but I've renamed our pages too and so far no spam, but not counting my chickens just yet :)

    If someone is determined to access your contact us or account registration page they can always do. However, changing the generic name and preventing indexing will likely move you out of the easy targets.

  6. 13 hours ago, MacMaster said:

    When we had spamming on contact form we renamed "contact us" under preferences SEO & URLs. Additionally we removed this section in the site map.

    I just did the same procedure for the account creation page "authentication" and deleted all the fake accounts. I will see if that has any effect.

    This might have fixed the problem. At least no new fake accounts were created in the last 13 hours.

  7. When we had spamming on contact form we renamed "contact us" under preferences SEO & URLs. Additionally we removed this section in the site map.

    I just did the same procedure for the account creation page "authentication" and deleted all the fake accounts. I will see if that has any effect.

  8. Hi experts!

    To make A/B (split) testing 2 or more versions is needed. Depending on the test the different version can be in the .php, .tpl or .css. files.

    Can anyone please explain how these different versions is created in practice. E.g. if I want to make some changes to the global.css, how can I create a version #1 and a version #2. By default Prestashop will only load the "global.css" so I do not understand how I can get it to load a "global1.css" or "global2.css"

    I might have misunderstood something since everyone is talking about A/B testing but none is talking about how to actually create/load the different versions.

    Any help on how to create the different versions in prestashop (where content is generated by php) is much appreciated.


    Many thanks in advance!

  9. Hej! Vi har lyckats få det att fungera i PS Dock är det en väldigt buggig modul:


    • Först måste man ha API 2 via Fyndiq admin.
    • När man försöker ladda upp produkterna via modulen i PS BO, se till att inte klicka i produkter som har varianter (combinations). De funkar inte och förstör hela uppladdningen.
    • När man gör en uppladdning så går det att se felmeddelande/uppladdningshistorik nere på sidan. Där går det hjälpligt att få ideer om vad som kan vara fel.
    • Det går att ställa in vissa parametrar i modulen (t ex om man ska ha databas ID eller artikelnummer som unikt ID). Men denna vy i modulen kommer man inte åt utan Fyndiqs support efter som den är "gömd"

    Tillslut fungerade det efter mycket "juckande". Modulen installerades och avinstallerades i många omgångar innan det fungerade. Lycka till......
    Ledsen att jag inte kan vara mer behjälplig, men eftersom det nu äntligen fungerar vill jag ogärna fiffla med den.

  10. I upgraded from PS1.4.8 to PS1.6.1.4 and I also have problem that I can not change/update combinations and if I try to create new I get the following error message (with debugger turned on):

    Unknown column 'available_date' in 'field list'

    INSERT INTO `ps_product_attribute` (`id_product`, `location`, `ean13`, `upc`, `quantity`, `reference`, `supplier_reference`, `wholesale_price`, `price`, `ecotax`, `weight`, `unit_price_impact`, `minimal_quantity`, `default_on`, `available_date`) VALUES ('23', '', '', '', '0', '', '', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '1', NULL, '0000-00-00')

    I interpret that as available date did not exist in 1.4 and that is now causing problem in database. However, I still do not know where this can be fixed. Any ideas, anyone?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Sorry perhaps I was unclear. I really need the same contention that is shown in order overview of PS  back office: Order ID, customer name, order total, payment method, status and date + shipping country


    If it is possible to limit the report by date it will be even better. Since it is normally a calendar year + few days in either end to verify correct year-end cut-off.


    I do not think your query will give order value, payment method, status and date?

  12. Hello Bellini13,

    We have extracted ps_customer for our news-letters so I know the interface as such. Our host (one.com) use something called phpMyAdmin.


    However, my SQL knowledge is limited to some late night computer lab at university some 20 years ago, so if you know SQL you are more than welcome to write in very practical terms how the SQL query would look.


    Not that it matter, but you can use id_address_delivery since I think that is the safe option for tax reasons.


    Many thanks for your insightful and fast response!

    As mentioned before we are still in PS 1.4.8, but regarding this table structure likly is same or similar (If needed I can rewrite the SQL query if needed when I understand the basic structure)

  13. In theory you can go via customer address view and sort by country to locate the name of customers for the tax-free country, then find them manually and note them as export sales. However, this process is tremendously cumbersome since you need to do order by order.

    Additionally the customer address view lack date so even if it is possible to do like this the first year, very soon this process will be infeasible all together when more and more of the customers are linked to orders from previous years.

    We would prefer a process where you can use excel sort and filter capability rather than manually searching order by order with only customer name as the key between order and shipping country.

  14. In lack of better tools we have historically extracted the order data to excel and manually removed: returns, cancelled orders etc.
    What remains is used to calculate the sales and VAT since previously the VAT has been the same for all our sales.

    However, now the dilemma is to identify all transactions outside of EU, since they should have no VAT (Tax free). Our export countries are limited, mainly USA, Canada and Australia. As long as we can find a connection between orders and shipping country it can easily be adjusted manually in excel. However, currently PS does not seem to have any table that show linkage between order number and country.

  15. Sorry for stealing the thread temporary for a tax related issue. [Concerning PS1.4.8]


    Previously we had only domestically sales with local VAT. However, we recently started to sell tax-free to abroad. Now we need an easy way to separate orders that contain VAT from orders that where sold tax-free.


    Any ideas? Clicking through each order manually to check VAT is not feasible. Going via customer address (country) and manually tracking back to order is even more work and also include customers from previous years.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. We have different payment methods for different countries, but most sales to home country.

    Is there a way to show the default country payment options before entering any personal data, and then let it do the normal script when you push the save button.


    Customer thinks it is "suspicious" that everything is hidden until all personal information has been entered. Which reduce conversions.


    Running PS 1.4.8


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  17. Hi all!

    I am running PS 1.4.8 and COD with fee v1.0. Are you offering the same module? (I also do not remember where i got mine, but it was fee)

    This module works perfect for most part. However, now we want to offer free shipping above certain threshold, but still charge for the COD-service. Unfortunately also the COD module fee is deducted as soon as the P.S. built in "free shipping start at _____dollar" is activated.

    Anyone have any Idee on how to solve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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