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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply El Patron. I do not really understand what you mean. However, here is my details: Using prestashop version Using Sublime Editor, VIM, Netbeans (for that project, Sublime, just for fun), with UTF-8 enabled. Using Debian as operative system. Linux 2.6.32-5-amd64 Git. If you mean that the code I am adding is not effective, I can tell than when I add a div, the div appears, and so on. Also, I could add the CSS file and have it working (as I mention in my previous post). The problem now is that, it works, but not the correct way. I would like to know how to include it using the prestashop methods. Kind regards
  2. it is not solved because I stated "the correct way", however I got my styles in the page doing: public function getContent() { // display information about $details = ' <link href="'.$this->_path.'css/file.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <div class="information"> This is information </div> <div class="video"> This is video </div>'; return $details; } But it is not the way I would like to include my CSS. Must be a correct way using Prestashop methods, to include in the header or in the footer.
  3. Hi Vekia, thanks for your reply (again) Good to know its deprecated, unfortunately there is lot of stuff using it, and I do not remember to see a warning message... but its ok, I will not use it even if it worked, which is not the case. Regarding: hookActionAdminControllerSetMedia maybe that is the problem, that there is no formal documentation on that. But other people appear to be using it, as you have in the link in my initial post. Can anyone workout a sample module that simply includes a CSS file ? I think it may be VERY useful for many people and will save lot of time in something that should be extremely simple. I will appreciate the minutes involved in such task, and test properly here. I am still trying to figure out how to make any of the examples proposed to work, as for now... they do nothing. Regards
  4. Does not seem to work either, that is pretty much the same as I did though, hookActionAdminControllerSetMedia($params) (hook to set media) Tools::addCss($this->_path.'/css/prestastats.css'); (add css using helper, since context did not work) I tried refreshing,etc. Is there a way to see if there was an error including the file maybe ? it is not in the source of the HTML, and I am forcing template compilations (that should not be needed I suppose for the backend).
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply, however, that is not working for me: $this->context->controller->addJS( $this->_path .'script.js' ); That is ignored for some reason. I already tried. I want to add CSS, not Javascript, and it is not correct to simply put a link somewhere in the output for display, I tried that already and did not work. In my module, I do not hook any visible part on the frontend, what I want to style is just the "configure" screen of the module. At the moment, I do not have a specific tab in any part of the backend, just the module installation and configuration. Any ideas ?
  6. Hi, I am trying to correctly include some CSS files (or JS) to my module configuration in the backend so I can show styled content using a CSS file instead of inline style. After some research I see there is a hook: public function hookActionAdminControllerSetMedia($params) { // add CSS and Javascript required Tools::addCss($this->_path.'/css/prestastats.css'); } But it does not include my CSS, tried other code similar to that. But it does not work either. Which is the correct way to include a CSS in our module configuration view in the backend ? I cannot find anything specific in the docs, there is some examples to include JS in some sites, but I would like to include CSS. Any advice will be welcome. Kind regards
  7. @CartExpert.net Can you do that from a module ? I think that if Prestashop its forcing to use Tools::json_encode, at least, it should support the same arguments than the native function. A second parameter (optional) should be available. @Nirmal If you cannot do that from the module, will be difficult to validate it against the Prestashop Validator. Probably there is some information about that in the docs. edit I found this: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Overriding+default+behaviors That should allow overriding Tools::json_encode, and the validator should not complain. Kind regards
  8. I use a Python script and a CSV. We have thousands of products.
  9. Hi, Just wondering if Prestashop.com with Google Analytics module enabled will work automatically with Goals/funnel in Google Analytics. Is there a way to setup it pasting the Google Analytics code into pages or if I setup the module should work automatically ? The tracking and ecommerce works, but I do not know about goals, funnel, etc. Kind regards
  10. Hi, I have found that Bing is adding a space in the url (sitemap.xml) that is not present in the XML uploaded. It reports 503 when crawling, because Prestashop returns a "not found" 404 error. When using friendly urls (SEO enabled) in Prestashop, you can type: http://www.anyshop.c...escription.html and it will show the product, in Firefox, if you type the same with an space in the end like "http://www.anyshop.com/category/001-product-description.html " Firefox will remove it and you will see the product as it has to. But if you type in the url-encoded way (%20, space) "http://www.anyshop.com/category/001-product-description.html%20" then the server will understand that space and it will redirect you to it will redirect to http://www.anyshop.c...controller=404. I assume this is an error caused by the .htaccess file that Prestashop generates. This is the sitemap url I use, as an example, and I do not add spaces <url> <loc>http://www.anyshop.com/shop/cars/754-product-description--1H2--1-6.html</loc> <lastmod>2013-01-01</lastmod> <changefreq>monthly</changefreq> <priority>1.0</priority> </url> Is that a bug, or miss-configuration ? Kind regards,
  11. The paypal module (update) was causing the error in my case. The ajax cart was not working, disabling the paypal module made it work.
  12. I just found that the issue is caused by the Paypal module (was updated to 3.4.8 using the backend). Any ideas about it ? How can I use the updated Paypal in my prestashop ? There is no log about the error. Regards
  13. Hi, I have a major issue within one of my sites with Prestashop, I am using PS The shop was working fine until recently, when suddenly no one can add items to the cart in the product listing. See attached image. I use AJAX cart but enabling or disabling it makes no difference, you cannot add items into the cart. I use SEO (friendly) urls. Apache is configured properly, as far as I know, mod_rewrite is enabled. No modules has been changed or updated, canonical url is enabled also. Cleared all caches to verify. No changes. Apache error_log shows nothing. Seems ok. Firebug console display a 200 in red, with no response: controller=cart&add=1&ajax=true&qty=1&id_product=81480&token=9153e2c1507d67155bdb86415ed053a1 I do not use features or combinations. The PHP version running in the server is: PHP 5.3.3 (cli) Apache version is: Apache/2.2.15 Any ideas why can be this happening now ? as I said, it was working fine until now. May be a problem with the data in the products ? Any advice will be appreciated. Comments are welcome, if you need more details I can put logs. Thanks in advance. Kind regards
  14. Try to enable APC cache or Memcached. If templates are compiled in the request should be faster.
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