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  1. I am sorry for creating new theme, problem was in one js, and problem is solved
  2. Hello there, I have a question about blocktopmenu module. I've started creating a new dynamic theme, where I need custom anchor links in Top Horizontal Menu. When I've added Menu Top Link, it wasn't clickable (its looks like dropdown menu starter only). Is there some possibility to ad my custom link without changing original module? Thank you for any help or kick, Brutcha
  3. Hello, thanks for welcome here and for reply. Emails working well, my problem is in mail outcome, its working with default {order_name} tag, when i change it to{id_order} mail looks this way:
  4. Hello there, i have some problems on prestashop 1.5.15 with mails, i need use Id of order instead of name. And {id_order} don't work, replacement of id_order don't wark at all. Can anyboddy help me?
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