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  1. Oh, did you reinstall it and just switch the database? Or which tables (and how) did you import?
  2. Unfortunately not. I haven't retried yet, as I tried that a few hours and no new suggestions did appear here (of course I cleared the cache more than once :)) I'll wait for the next version and try again. And if that doesn't work, I'll try upgrading in smaller steps, from one version to the next to find out when it happens. EDIT: Just noticed is out already. Have you tried that version and still have the same issue?
  3. Okay, it seems like I'm another one having issues with the upgrade to from I upgraded using the latest (4.10.1) version of the upgrader. No errors during the upgrade. At first look, everything seems to work fine - but the Backoffice has some issues. Whenever I open "Customers", "Brands", "Categories" or some other sites, I get a 500 error. The server log says: ./var/logs/prod.log:[2020-01-14 03:18:23] request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception Doctrine\ORM\ORMException: "Unrecognized field: filterId" at /srv/www/vhosts/dragonbox.de/httpdocs/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/ORMException.php line 101 {"exception":"[object] (Do ctrine\\ORM\\ORMException(code: 0): Unrecognized field: filterId at /srv/www/vhosts/dragonbox.de/httpdocs/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/ORMException.php:101)"} I've followed similar threads here and made sure the filter_id columns are existing in the database. Now the weird thing is: When I enable DEBUG mode, this error does NOT occur! All these pages work fine for some reason, without any error. Any ideas? I hope someone can help me here? Right now, I'm running PHP 7.2.26 (FPM) on my own dedicated server, so I can easily switch to a lower or higher PHP version as well. Thanks in advance!
  4. No, it's the other way round. Location has been added with v1.7.5. It seems the Update has not run the MySQL update queries, so you should do that yourself. You can find them inside the Prestashop-ZIP-Archive (download the full installation from the website) inside install/upgrade/sql Run all the queries (in the correct order) from the version you upgraded from. EDIT: I had the same issue, and I think I know why. The SQL-Script has a bug! ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_supply_order_receipt_history` CHANGE `employee_firstname` `employee_firstname` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '', CHANGE `employee_lastname` `employee_firstname` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT ''; That, of course, throws an error. It should be: ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_supply_order_receipt_history` CHANGE `employee_firstname` `employee_firstname` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '', CHANGE `employee_lastname` `employee_lastname` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT ''; Also be sure to change all PREFIX in the file to your actual prefix in the database. This fixed my shop and it's now working well again (very same error message). EDIT2: There seem to be a couple more bugs. More info on that here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/11814/commits/1a20ad00cb37e04d4a5b9415f0e59c261930ba2c
  5. Okay, fiddled around with it a bit more and found out when it does go wrong. When a product exists in both shops, editing the product and ordering works fine. When a product only exists in the SECOND shop, the following happens: * When a customer places an order for that product, it hangs forever after the payment confirmation. The order is being created but lacks the product! * When I try to edit that product, it hangs forever. Additionally, all prices are being deleted and it's being disabled. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?
  6. I'm using PrestaShop with 2 stores set up (multistore) So far, I've used normal stock management and wanted to move to advanced stock management to handle all my supplies, etc. properly via PrestaShop. However, enabling advanced stock management causes PrestaShop to do really weird things. 1. With some products, completing the purchase of a customer will lead into a neverending loading loop until the server times out with a 500 error. Debug shows nothing. 2. Editing products often does the same. 3. When I try to change a product from normal stock management to advanced stock management, it the shop also has a never-ending loading loop and sends thousands of "Product out of Stock"-eMails to my email account... it does that until I get the 500 error or cancel the process. The edited content is properly saved. 4. Often when editing a product, it deletes all price information of that product. That only happens with advanced stock management enabled, if it's disabled, everything works fine.
  7. Hi, I am offering a mobile phone subscription and need to include that somehow into Prestashop. I plan a monthly payment via debit, and the subscription has a minimum time frame of 2 years. The question is: How can I solve that via Prestashop. My current issues: 1. I can only enter a final price in PrestaShop, whereas the price be "xxx EUR per month" instead. Any clue how I can do that? 2. I need a module for the payment. It should be a direct debit only. It should ask the customer for the IBAN and that's it. 3. I need to limit the payment method for that article to the direct debit payment only. Any ideas or modules out there which can be used to accomplish that?
  8. I wonder... this happened occasionally to me too (though too seldom to investigate). Maybe it happens when someone put that product in the cart when it was available and then orders it days later (when it's out of stock)?
  9. My shop has grown over the years, but after 11 years, there also are quite a few customers with abandoned email addresses. Whenever I send out a newsletter, I get 300 emails back telling me that the email address doesn't exist anymore. Exporting the emails addresses of these users into a list or CSV isn't really an issue. But I'm looking for a way to remove these customer accounts or newsletter subscriptions from PrestaShop. Is there any module that can do this? Remove them using a simple list? Or maybe just some small PHP script I can run (based on the remove customer script from the docs) which reads out a file with one email address per line and then removes the customer? I'm fine running that directly on my servers' bash, so if anyone could help me here, it would be great
  10. Naja, ich hatte vom EULegal-Team gegen Geld das Klarna Modul anpassen lassen... da ist mir dann aufgefallen, dass es in jedem Land erscheint und ich habe es extra gemeldet und ausbessern lassen...
  11. EU Legal had the same issue a while ago... the fix is here: https://github.com/EU-Legal/modules- Putting that Hook.php into my override/classes directory seems to fix it. I don't have a PrestaShop Bugtracker account, so maybe someone would like to post it there as well.
  12. Okay, ich hatte in Erinnerung, dass EU Legal den gleichen Bug hatte... und siehe da: Er wurde gefixed. https://github.com/EU-Legal/modules- Die Datei Hook.php kann man in sein override/classes-Verzeichnis legen (class_incex.php löschen nicht vergessen), dann sollte das klappen (bei mir tuts das jedenfalls).
  13. Yeah... found it afterwards. I just didn't expect included plugins to have such severe bugs in a stable version, that's why I didn't check before
  14. And unfortunately, it's not mentioned when you're upgrading... If I'd known that before, I'd have kept my old with EU Legal and waited until it was fixed. Yes, I did test the upgrade and the shop using a test-setup before, but of course I didn't test whether country restrictions were working or not (I didn't expect them NOT to be working). This should be a HUGE red warning on every upgrade...
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