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  1. Paypal v3.2.1 - Error while using voucher codes!

    So I would assume if you are brave enough to update to v1.5 you would need to disable the backward compatibility module? I raised the same problem as this in forge and I believe someone is looking into it. The new paypal modules seem to mess my home page up and make products disappear, cart does not too work, paypal payment option not clickable during checkout, vouchers not calculating correctly when tax is enabled. Even though the module is independent it still seems to play up on the site, however after disabling and reinstalling the only stable version that works for me (v2.8.7) everything works like a breeze :-)
  2. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    So has anyone dared to Update to v1.5? David @ gfe - If using the older version of PayPay module, would you recommend updating before upgrading a site? I use C-panel softaculous to do my upgrades for me. So much easier.
  3. How do you set up the Affiliate Program?

    For the life of me I simply can't get this too work. Are you able to PM message me a screen shot of how you have set this up. I just want to track referrals from a site that I have a banner on.
  4. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    the bug has been assigned to a prestashop support person... but still no resolution. Follow the bug report http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-474?focusedCommentId=59534#comment-59534
  5. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    BO --> Preferences --> Search I am too scared to try it again!
  6. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    Has the discounts started working for you again? - Have you got geolocation enabled? if so try disabling it. - I find that i need to regularly clear my cache after I make changes otherwise i still see old content. - Switch the AJAX feature off, try it and then reswitch it on. - Have you made any custom changes that may have affected this?
  7. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    You are legend. It appears to be working fine now! I tested 3.1.0 in the early hours this morning and spend 4 hours trying to get my site up and running again. It just wouldn't work for me whatsoever. Same errors as in the previous version, drop down cart was missing, pay by paypal wouldn't work either... Again thank you so much for your help!
  8. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    I am a little bit slow. Can I just upload via cpanel or upload through the modules back office.?
  9. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    David @ gfe - Are you able to please point me in the direction where I can download that version, this is absolutely killing me!
  10. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    Will 2.8.7 work on PS I managed to find an older version (not sure of number) and uploaded it however it created more errors with backward compatibility and shut modules home tab down, and site became in operable as it was opening to http://_ps_shop_domain_ as opposed to home page... SSL part of site was not working returning to 404 errors... How are these versions not tested for things like this? It seems to have knocked a lot of people out!
  11. PS 1.4.9 - Paypal Error - Australia - Address Format

    I made the STUPID mistake to upgrade to the v3.0.12 module from the prestashop addon store. It is riddled with bugs. Please vote for the bug I have created with 4 issues under: forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-474 In the meantime I need help to revert back to an older version of PayPal as I have now disabled the PayPal module as it is useless and seeing 99% of sales is through Paypal I am doomed! Theme: Prestashop New theme
  12. Visitors online Module not working

    Have you tried resetting the modules?, it worked for me.
  13. I believe this functionality is already incorporated into Prestashop. BO --> Payments --> Taxes --> Add New --> Create your GST Tax Under Tax Options you also have " Enable Tax" "Show Tax Line In cart" & Base Tax on "Delivery Address" Then you also need to complete the following BO --> Payments --> Tax Rules --> "Create Your Tax Rules According to Country" (Australia is under Oceania) In order to display prices including GST you need to state the "Tax Rule" during the setup of your product catalogue. This will then show on your website and then removed when a non Australian customer enters their address (assuming you have set the tax option as delivery address). Hope this helps.