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  1. Hi there. I currently made a (Javascript module for prestashop) This will give the website a very nice effect on the design etc. Check it out on http://www.gsm-holland.nl Once it asks for a run from javascript, press allow and you will see. PM Me for the download link.
  2. Hi all, I've made finaly my first prestashop design with a java-script added which will give nice effects to the webpage (You must run the java script when it will ask for it to see the effects) http://www.gsm-holland.nl Regards, let me know what you think of my design/site,
  3. I get the problem on the first page which says: Calendar disabled Once i press visitors and members it says activated but not showing up any visitors when there are visitors on ym site.
  4. Does this module works on the newest prestashop version if yes can someone help me how to get it fixed?
  5. Dear, I would like, to track my visitors for example when they are on my webshop. I would like to see at which page they are, and what they are viewing etc. Can someone help me set it up because i've done it, and its not working.
  6. I've had this problem to myself. I would suggest you delete your chrome cookies. Go to the webpage with (Internet explorer) And it should be fixed. Then go again with chrome and works. Else you may give me your webshop link?
  7. Oh and i also noticed Once clicking on the old shop name This is what is redirects to > http://%7Bshop_url%7D/ Lol ? Any suggestions or know about it
  8. Yes, When i try to change it here: Then when i change it, it said changes. But once i refresh the f5 it just changes back. Could it be somewhere on a .TPL file? And this is the problems i run in to (When you go with mobile to the webpage it says different title) And once you placed an order, this will show up. "My store name is = Top-Phone" But once order made it goes from here: {Please help me !
  9. I did what he said, but its not wokring. Please is there another way to fix it ? Can someone maybe come on my teamviewer or something
  10. Once the title changed at contact and email, its not working man :S?
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