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  1. Je suis allé voir le résultat sur le lien que tu indiques, mais rien ne change selon le service que je choisis .... les champs restent les même !? D'autre part si je clique sur "contactez nous" en bas de page j'arrive sur le formulaire de base, et là aussi pas de changement ...
  2. Salut ! Je me frotte à ce problème depuis peu, car je n'y connais rien en matière de formulaires sur prestashop, et j'aimerais créer un formulaire, différencié du formulaire de base, que le visiteur pourrait choisir, dans lequel il y aurait des cases à cocher, etc ... Y a t'il un sujet ou une doc quelque part pour réaliser cela ? merci ....
  3. Bonjour ... Une fois une photo définie dans la configuration de editorial v1.5 n'y a t'il pas moyen de supprimer la photo si l'on ne veut conserver que du texte ? Il y a moyen de supprimer la photo par ftp, ou mettre une image 1x1 mais je ne trouve pas cela satisfaisant. Pas de bouton pour sélectionner ou non l'option image ?
  4. Yes, I think it's much better ! All hidden by default, and chek only who can see !
  5. I'll try that evening ... for now I'm at work. I'm not sure to understand ... Let's suppose I've created a group "A". 1/ If I check "A" in restriction, and let "Default" unchecked, does it mean that A group won't see CMS and default (and other groups) will see ? 2/ How can I make a CMS visible only for "A" ??? Do I have to let default unchecked ? In that case do you confirm that customers belonging only to default won't see the cms ?
  6. OK, I know the reason !!!! When you edit a customer profile to setup the group of this customer, you can check the groups but not defaut ! you cannot uncheck default. So all customers belong to default, and optionally to another group... So ... in your system if you restrict default , you restrict all logged customers !!
  7. No, I checked again configuration, no doubt. The only thing is that I didn't update the mysql table, but it seems you made no change on that table. My last test: I login in front office as member belonging to an authorized group. Then in BO I remove all restrictions to a cms. This cms is visible in FO (normal !) Then I set restriction to the cms so that my group can see the cms ... In FO the cms becomes invisible !
  8. Humm, now it's the contrary ! Block settings are ok, CMS settings OK as well, but the display of CMS is not working. No restriction: display ok for all groups. Restriction: CMS that should appear for authorized group do not display.
  9. I say again, in fact I would prefer to know how to show/hide a block according the customer groups ?!
  10. I have a problem .... surprising ? In the BO: If I create a CMS with NO restriction -> This CMS is displayed in modules/blockinfos settings. If I create (or modify) a CMS with some restriction -> The CMS IS NOT displayed in modules/blockinfos settings So impossible to set up the block !
  11. That was my mistake, you're right, I made the backup it's ok for that, but I've edited my 1st message in that post, read it again ....
  12. It's a mess here ! Some anomalies, but I think it's because of my former hack, AND WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE A BUG of prestashop ... I noticed that if in blockinfo you select nothing (no cms) , then all cms are displayed !!!! you must select at least 1 cms. In other hand, I would like in fact hide blocks in accordance of groups permissions. Not only contents ... but the block itself (because to see an empty block is not smart ! ). How ?
  13. THX for this nice module ! Just to inform users, if you want to stop the picture shifting when hovering with pointer, just add this (in red) in galleryview_start.js : $(document).ready(function(){ $('#gallery').galleryView({ panel_width: 500, panel_height: 188, frame_width: 100, frame_height: 100, transition_speed: 350, pause_on_hover: true, easing: 'easeInOutQuad' }); });
  14. Good question, I'm very interested in such a feature !
  15. For my information, is there a documentation where the core is described ? For example, were could I find the description of {$module_dir} ?
  16. Encore un (mauvais) coup de la perfide Albion !
  17. Does it work inside a js file ??
  18. OK, thx for your answer .... on distant site (online) it's working fine ! The problem is that I'm unable to make it work on local install ... THX ps: if you have an idea for local, I'm very interested !
  19. I thought the prob. was with definitions of tests defining $slide_type. So I decided to set $slide_type = 'image_slide'; in the last else{} for testing : I got 2 new errors regarding offset line 135. (former errors vanished) But sliding is working with this anomaly: I got 8 frames for 5 pictures : frames 1,2,3 are displaying errors frames 4,5,6,7,8 are displaying the pictures ...
  20. I tried your suggestion, but no change. I tried to use url of my site (local for the time), , and this time the frame and buttons are displayed, sliding is working, but with no picture ! And on 1st frame a list of errors is displayed ... ie: Notice: Undefined variable: slide_type in C:\Users\LionHell\Documents\prestashop\modules\carousel\make_slides.php on line 131 Same for lines 183 and 217. It seems to be the variable used with switch test ... slide_type This occurs with my change in carousel_behavior_min.js using url instead of path as mentioned above.
  21. Not working here (on prestashop 1.2.4 Install: OK display: Only ajax-loader.gif -> slides do not load Help !
  22. i'm sorry, I've read this whole long post but didn't succeed to make this module working properly ! Last install is v0.31: - instal = ok - setup = ok - display = nothing !!!!! I did change path in urunxml.php, no change, nada, rien !!!!!
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