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  1. Hi All I note that 20 people have viewed this topic so far. Has anyone discovered any issues with the process yet. Specifically is the https / SSL all oK when progressing through the cart / payment process. If any warning or errors are coming up please advise. I think I may have a problem when viewing / processing with a Google Chrome browser. Thanks in advance of your comments Kind regards Gillian
  2. Please could you test my site to see whether there are any off putting SSL issues. I think I may have problems with Chrome Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Thanks Gillian Shop :- www.shorts4u.com/shop
  3. No joy. In the end I got so frustrated that I disabled the option. I just use PayPal now. It never worked properly for me.
  4. Dear all does anyone else have a moneybookers issue or is it just me?? Please can you let me know if all is ok with your moneybooker module / process and whether you get a URL return after a moneybooker payment has been made by your customers. Today I have had another customer saying he has paid via moneybookers but no sale was recorded in prestashop BO!!! Thanks in advance of your comments Regards
  5. Dear Prestashop Users, Has anyone managed to get Moneybookers version 1.6.3 working with prestashop I have tried everything, but I cannot get a return URL when a customer place an order through moneybookers. I am at the end of my tether with this issue. Nobody seems to have an answer and the forum is packed with numerous people like me who seem to have the same issue. If anyone has resolved this through modification, please can you advise what you did. I have just had to disable my moneybookers option as customers are making orders and I am not getting notice of the sale via the url return. Clearly very unacceptable!!! I would have thought a partnered payment module would have been tested to ensure a high degree interfacing performance and that it would work robustly. I'm eager to hear from anyone who has this issue, or better still managed to resolve it. Please post here so I know whether this is still a common unresolved issue affecting everyone. Thanks Gillian
  6. Yes all installed and secret word used and validated. Has anyone actually got to the bottom of why this module doesn't work correctly? There must be hundreds of messages on the forum in respect to moneybooker interface issues. I want to use moneybookers but its currently not fit for purpose and is letting me and my customers down. Eager to hear from anyone who has solved the issue and can offer a true fix Regards Gillian
  7. Has anyone got a fix for this issue, to get a return URL to register a sale in the BO. I have prestashop and moneybookers 1.6.3 and I dont know when an order has been made via moneybookers. This is totally unacceptable for my customers and I and I need prestashop and moneybooker support urgently Thanks Pinkloveshy
  8. This seems to be a module fault as I have had it since day one. Hopefully prestashop will sort this out as its very poor!! Regards Gillian
  9. Hi Someshop, This is a problem that i also get with Moneybookers. I have had it from day one and no mater which version i use the outcome is the same. (i.e. the customer orders, pays and prestashop shows a payment error message in BO). It absolute rubbish as the customers thinks your site is scamming them and they often pay twice because they also get an error message. This involves me sending messages to customers to say their payment has gone through and refunding any double payments. I wish prestashop would get this sorted out, its really poor Regards Gillian
  10. Thanks Both Is it possible to edit the photo to get greater saturation, or do I need to create a new one? I have photoshop / fireworks but could do with a few pointer on how to do this, if it is possible. Regards Gillian
  11. Thanks Perfumeskunk Really appreciate the feedback. I will look to improve them. Did you take an item through the process to see whether any issue areas come up. If you ever get time I'd appreciate you trying this. Regards Gillian
  12. Hello fellow Prestashop site users / developers, Please could you review Shorts4U site and take a product to the point of sale. I need to get a user feel for the site and where possible remotely bug check the site. If there are elements of the site which really put you off or have errors I would be most appreciative of your feedback as to what is wrong and ideally what should be changed. Happy to reciprocate and do likewise for those who provide meaningful constructive feedback Many thanks in advance Gillian Site:- www.shorts4u.com/shop
  13. Hi Zelarg I think I've done it. Dug the instructions back out Kind regards Gillian
  14. Dear Zelarg I have one page checkout 1.2.7 and want to use moneybookers V1.4 as a payment option, however monbookers does not show as an option when one page is installed. I am on prestashop version 1.3.7 please can you help it will be most appreciated. kind regards Gillian
  15. Hi I have a similar issue with a massive error log. Can I delete this or replace with a clean file. Please advise how to proceed Thanks
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