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  1. Thanks for your reply. There is nothing in my htaccess, but after having a bit of a look, I think it is probably because prestashop has a folder /tools inside the /httpdocs folder. I am not game to try to write custom rewrite rules to get around this, so I will change my friendly URL. As far as being search engine friendly, would there be any disadvantage to having /tools/ show as /tools-/ or /tools_1/
  2. Hi, In my prestashop I have a category "Tools" I have just discovered that customers are forbidden to visit any products in that category. I am sure it is to do with the string "/tools/" in the URL, and have changed the friendly URL to "to0ls", which makes the products accessible. Does anybody know what could be causing this? The customer sees ForbiddenYou do not have permission to access this document. The error log shows, [sun Jul 13 19:31:21 2014] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/vhosts/smokeandwires.co.nz/httpdocs/tools/1031366-usbtinyisp-.html, referer: http://www.smokeandwires.co.nz/1034-tools I can easily change the friendly URL, but if this is a misconfiguration on my part, I would like to fix it. Thanks
  3. OK Possible Temporary fix. I have added LIMIT 10 to the end of the SQL query in getCustomerCarts() in cart.php and getCustomerOrders() in order.php Seems to work ok on my laptop. I have no idea what that might break though. How can I find out where else those functions are used?
  4. First a little background. =================== I am using prestashop 1.5 as an online store, but I also make sales through other channels. In order to manage my inventory, and sales from one place,I have been using the prestashop back office to enter each external sale, and then treating it as I would a prestashop sale. I have one "customer" for each sales channel. For example, sales through a local auction site called "trademe" are entered against a prestashop customer named TrademeSales, and I use the customers Trademe username as the prestashop address alias. This saves me from having to create a separate customer account for each customer, but as many of them are repeat customers, it allows me to retain their shipping details. It is not practical to create an account per customer, firstly because it is time consuming, but more importantly, the requirement for unique email addresses. This system has worked well for some time but now I have a problem. The Problem ========== It has been taking longer and longer to load the "New Order" for my TrademeSales customer as there are close to 2k previous orders. I have started to reach the maximum time (40s) a script is allowed to run. I can't even open the customer from the customer list, with 2k orders, nearly 900 addresses and the list of products bought. The Questions ============ First question, in the short term, I would like to limit the number of previous orders that is returned to the "create new order" page. From the back office order list, I select "Add new". I then type the user name. At this point the page freezes until the list of carts, and previous orders is loaded. I figure it is this Ajax request that needs to be modified, but I don't know where to find it. My second question is less practical and more general. Where to from here? Should I be managing my customers and order fulfillment in a separate system? Is there a way of modifying the one account per email address rule so I can create accounts for each customer, in a separate customer group, but still allow them to create their own account later. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. You haven't got an old index.html page in the root directory? If I browse to http://www.gtplaza.com/3-women or any of your actual pages it works fine. It is just your home page.
  6. Legend. Thank you. I just spent 3 hours trying to figure this out.
  7. Hi, I have recently (4 days ago ) moved my site to a new host, using the same domain. My prestashop store seems to be working perfectly, however Google webmaster tools is reporting hundreds of errors. When I try the unreachable links in my browser, they all work, but when I "Fetch as Google" every prestashop page is unreachable. My wordpress blog in the /blog/ subdirectory of my site can be reached by google. I have recreated my .htaccess file and robots.txt and deleted everything but index from /cache/smarty/cache and /cache/smarty/compile I'm pretty sure it can't be my robots.txt as when I ask webmaster tools to "fetch" a disallowed directory it instantly reports "Denied by robots.txt" I have no idea Any suggestions would be appreciated. Nick htaccess.txt
  8. I use my prestashop back office to enter sales from other channels. I have created a customer called "ManualSales" to do this. This works well for me, however once I select the customer, it is taking longer and longer to bring up the rest of the page. I am pretty sure this is because it is loading the list of previous sales belonging to this customer, which is now in the hundreds. It is not practical for me to enter a new customer account for each manual customer, both for time reasons, and because of the unique email requirement. Does any one know what I can change to stop prestashop bringing up this list, or how I can restrict it to just a few days worth of sales. I am using prestashop I'm no programmer, but I can open and edit files and make sense of php, so even a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Nick www.smokeandwires.co.nz
  9. I have a similar issue upgrading from to The upgrade goes ok with no errors. In the front office, the categories block was not showing the child categories. Thinking that this may be a setting that could be changed, I selected the modules tab in the back office. As soon as I tried to filter the list of modules I received a blank screen, and could not access any part of my store from that point on. The http header is 500 internal server error. I have restored from backup and repeated the upgrade with the same result.
  10. Hello Everybody. I am looking for advice on how to manage a Prestashop store and Online Auction Sales. I am a micro retailer with big dreams. I am not a programmer / developer so I expect to be paying for programming services. At the moment my turnover doesn't warrant having a full custom system, and I couldn't afford it, so I am hoping to do it in piecemeal fashion, as my store grows. The reason for this post: I need to choose a path to go down and develop some idea of how my end solution will function. I would like feedback on my ideas. The Current Situation Currently I sell all my products on a New Zealand Auction Site called Trademe Trademe provides a listing management system, So all I need to do is keep my product details and quantities current, and it will manage my auctions. I manage My orders, Invoicing and Inventory with inFlow Inventory I keep inFlow Inventory updated by manually entering sales details each night. I update my TradeMe products when items I have purchased are delivered. I have hosting and the current PrestaShop. I have StoreManager Pro and am in the process of loading my products into my new prestashop store. The Problem The thought of trying to keep everything synchronized manually fills me with terror. My Proposed Solution Stage 1) Use Prestashop To manage Invoicing, Inventory and Orders Create a "TradeMe" Category (Not Displayed in the store) in prestashop to hold my TradeMe items. I will make them all packs, even if there is just one item in the pack. That will allow me to set different pricing levels, and reflect the fact that many of my auctions are combinations. Find someone to write a script to --> Export the contents of my "TradeMe" Category to a CSV that is compatible with TradeMe I will manually enter any trademe orders into prestashop each night and upload the CSV to synchronize stock levels at this stage. Stage 2) Get scripts written to --> Query TradeMe through their API for sales --> Generate or update PrestaShop orders with any new sales --> Automatically update my products on TradeMe when I have any changes in stock levels Stage 3) Stop using the TradeMe auction management facility and upload auctions automatically using the TradeMe API Reserve Items on prestashop, that are listed on TradeMe, to remove the risk of overselling Be Able to extend system to multiple auction sites. Thanks for your time, Any Feedback Appreciated.
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